I always liked the god Anubis. Yes, a god of the dead can't help but be a little creepy, I suppose, but he served an important function. I have a couple small Anubis statues in my house.

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He's one of my faves too. God of Mummification - that weighed your heart to see if you went with Osiris in the Reed Fields or if you were going to be eaten by Ammut.


Anubis, the jackal-headed god, was one of the first Egyptian gods I've learned about, as a child. Can you guess from where? :p From the "Powerpuff Girls" cartoons. There was one episode that featured the villain stealing a statue of Anubis and using it to turn people into dogs. I think this (along with the "Tutenstein" series) triggered my interest for Egyptian mythology.

I think Anubis was a rather cool god. There was a time when he was the most important god of the dead but he was replaced during the Middle Kingdom by Osiris. I wonder if he got mad that his status decreased...


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Anubis was one of the deities that could also work against humans. He was independent, sometimes helpful, but sometimes punished humans as well. One of his main roles was ''The Guardian of the Scales''. This was related to the belief that after death a person meets the gods who put his or her heart on a special scale. The scenes of the weighing of the heart ceremony from the Book of the Dead present Anubis - who measured if the person was worthy enough to live an eternal life. Thus, Anubis could decide the soul’s fate.

Ancient have some really good articles on their website to know more about Anubis The Egyptian God.