Animal myths?

Quentin Woolery

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Let's start a thread about animal myths. You know, things animals are supposed to do that are actually old wive's tales and superstitions? I'll start. If you are getting married and you see a pure white horse running south to north on the way to the ceremony, it's a bad omen for the marriage. Now, let's see what you all have! Next!


If you see a bunch of cows or horses all laying down on the ground together, you will have falling weather during the next couple of days. If you hear an owl hoot during the daytime, it means a death in the family. If you leave a cat in the room with a small baby, the cat will suck the breath from the baby's mouth. Lots of them. :)


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I can only name a couple off the top of my head, and they aren't exactly what I'd call a myth. More like a superstition.

It doesn't matter how high up a cat is, they will always land on their feet and dark-colored dogs can be the Devil's incarnation.


If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck! If you hear a woman scream or a baby cry outside of your house, don't go out it is a panther. If a lady bug lands on you, you will have good luck. If a butterly lands on you, you will get money to buy a new outfit.


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if you see a white raven is an omen of changing times, if your chased is a bad omen, & if you can take the father of one you may change your fate. I'm making the translation from Romanian to German to English so it should be correct is either chased or caught as in if it lands near you this, also the feather part it said (mijlocul de aer) as in the middle of the air. the first one is correct though