Analogy for nonfiction book

Louis Trager

New Member
I'm writing a proposal for a book about a ruling alliance. To illustrate my points and add color, I'm hoping to find a good analogy or metaphor in mythology.

The alliance (1) is a coalition of varied elite forces; (2) views itself as heroic, and is widely though not necessarily always correctly viewed that way; (3) gains dominance for a long period (a quarter-century) but only after an extended wait and only until it falls out of power by its own doing; (4) loses some battles even after it gains the upper hand; (5) suffers internal squabbles with some frequency; and (6) takes differing forms and engages in deception about its nature and purpose.

Are the Iliad and the Odyssey -- or some part of them, such as the Trojan War -- my best bet for hitting at least some of these points? Or can you think of something closer to the mark? Thanks for any help.