American mythology


Are there any native American Mythology written or verbally handed down from older generations? I can't recall having read or heard any.


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I actually have two books of Native American stories.... Let me go get them.....

Ah Mo Indian Legends from the Northwest compiled by Judge Arthur Griffin
Totem Tales Legends from the Rainforest by E.C. (Ted) Meyers

Both are published by Hancock House and I keep thinking I had some others. You can find these little books in tourist shops and museums that exhibit Native American art and history. I've read both of them and they have a very unique and interesting feel to them when you read them. I don't think I can explain it any better than that. My spouse and I like to joke about not talking too loud or else the Gossiping Clams might hear us!


There are all sorts of stories. I love hearing about them, especially sense they tend to be in touch with nature.


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There is a tale that's told in my area about a pioneer woman who had gone to a friends house to visit and stayed too long. She started home during the twilight or dusk and wound up being chased by a bear. She started taking off one piece of clothing at a time and threw it down for the bear to find and savage and finally wound up at her cabin with nothing on but alive. Resourceful woman.