American idol


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Now that American Idol has started again, I thought it would be fun to start a thread for those who like the show and want to talk about it. It's the only reality show I watch, and would love to hear everyone else's input on it. Who you like, who you don't like, anyone on the show you would like to see the back off, etc. (The judges or contestants.)


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I don't do TV except sometimes during the March Madness season of NCAA college basketball. Otherwise I would love to join in a discussion of American Idol.


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I've actually never once seen an episode of American Idol, but I've heard great things about it. My sister loves reality tv and she watches that show occasionally. She told me that one time they did an episode where they told the bad singers that they were good and the good singers that they were bad. I wonder how it is that the contestants didn't know they were being tricked. Don't they watch the episodes or know of someone else who would be watching and telling them what is happing. I'm pretty sure the show is based on votes right-so can't contestants with family voting for them also have family tell them about back-stage stuff? That's one thing I never understood about reality tv. Do the families and friends of the reality-stars watch these shows and tell them about what is going on or how crazy they were acting one night or how their hair looks or something...? Just curious.