Aengus og and norse balder


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Hello. I was recently studying up on Aengus Og and detected some similarities between him and the Norse Balder. Balder is even linked to Aengus' page on Wikipedia, under See More.

Could someone confirms some myths that could make these figures parallels? Are they considered parallels at all? Does Aengus have a brother, and does Aengus die in any myth?


The brothers and sisters of Aengus Og are children of the Dagda ( and/or his mother Boand) so, maybe Aed Minbhrec, Bodb Dearg, Cermait, Midhir Nuadu Airgetlam, Dian Cecht, Ogma and sisters Eiriu, Fodla, Banba, Brigit, Danu, and Ainge.

In Norse myth Baldr was the one to die by Loki's trick, while Aengus Og's brother Cermait was killed by Lugh after he had an affair with Lugh's wife. Or Lugh lied about it because Aengus Og killed one of Lugh's poets when he heard it. Cermait's three sons, Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht and Mac Gréine, avenged his death (drowning him in Loch Lugborta) and went on to become joint High Kings of Ireland.

It depends on how you look at it, mostly the connection I think is 'gods of light/law/youth' and the murder of a god, Baldr and Adonis and Cermait have that in common they are murdered deities.