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Hi guys,

I wanted to introduce you to my new project, it's a writing community, we call these types of sites play by posts, where you create a character and interact with other characters through writing together. It's pretty amazing stuff.

Anyway, I've put together a small community based around Greek Mythology & set in ancient Greece. It starts 351 years after the Titanomachy (giving Hera time to fulfill her vow of chastity and Zeus's marriage to Metis to end).

We've got quests, skills, free form (meaning if you want you could roleplay a life without any questing, for example we're running a conspiracy story in Athens at the moment, and a soap opera-esque love triangle in Sparta), a shop to use kleos in(our version of currency), and so much more. I'd love to have you guys as a part of it so please come and check us out. Our address is:


Right now we've just started a quest based around the upcoming wedding of Zeus & Hera. If you hurry you can join the adventure.

All my greek love,



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That sounds very interesting but I'm a little hesitant as I've never participated in such a thing before. Is there any tutorial or guide available that would explain what a participant can and cannot do?


Hey Setharoth, how you asked that question makes me think that you're seeing it as more of a game game than as a roleplay. To help you understand play by posting a bit better have a look at these short articles:


There are several more guides in that forum, all about roleplaying in pbp's (play by posts). It's really a writing experience first and foremost but with dice rolling systems (these are things that the staff have to worry about though, they just mean you have a chance of failing in things that you try to rp, such as fighting). The best thing though is to just sit down and talk, I can answer any questions you have easily that way. We've got a chatroom there, right at the bottom of the screen (not page) just click on Click Here to Chat.

Honestly though, the learning curve on something like this is not very big so I hope you try it out at least.

Caelus (Wolf on the site)