A short intro!

A short intro!

Hi all,

I'm a part of this community now.

I belive my username says without any doubt who I really am.

Also, you can check out my profile.

I have read up as much as I could about Hindu (Indian) and Buddhist mythology as I could. So I can answer quite a few questions on these, and believe, can add value to discussion involving these topic.

However, I believe that in one of my former incarnations, somewhere in one of the heaven worlds, I was trained in demon slaying and was very passionate about it.

I have made a difference between people on seeing them for the first time between and Angel, a human and a deamon, since I can remember.

I have for the last few years been troubles by the existance of uncountable no.s of deamons roaming the streets in human garb, pretending to be one of us and silently (and secretly) going around doing thier daemon business, unsuspected by the innocent onlooker. And from inside me comes out a personality which looks like an angel and has a strong and big sword in his hand..and with great dexterity slays off the head of the daemon I see doing the daemonic things , in my soul.

Unfortunately for me..in the rotten world that we live in, anyone who has heamoglobin passes for a human and what more..it's a crime to kill them. If the world were REALLY sane..I strongly belive that, I with my brother slayers would be out on the street doing what we do best - slay daemons.

Daemon slaying was the primary inspiration for me to seach for a myth forum on the net and joining it.

having said that, it's also a fact that I am extremely curious about all of ancient mythology and believe every word of it, regardless of the culture it is coming from, speaks about a true, REAL, fact.

I believe that with modernization we have lost much much more than we have gained. And it will take more than another thousand years of evolution before we gain back what we lost.

Therefore, I feel, it's very important to keep the sharing of mythological knowledge alive, whereing a forum like this will be of utmost importance.

"standing here, the old man said to me,
'long before these crowded steerts,
here stood my dreaming tree.'

below it he would sit,
for hours at a while;
now progress takes away,
what forever took to find."

- The dreaming tree, Dave Matthews

cheers (and let's talk)!


p.s.: didn't preview the post since I am a bit tired after having typed my intro, which wasn't after all, too short a piece. (was it?). please do pardon.