9 Is the magic number


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I have an anniversary coming up, and due to the lockdown, I'm not able to plan anything for us, so I intend to make my missus a wood carving.

It's our 9th, so I want to do something around the number 9 and it's significance in Norse mythology.

For this I'll need a jumping off point, visually. Like, is there a character or rune for the number 9 ?

I'm aware it's a significant number, I already saw the 9 worlds interlocking triangle graphic which could work well, but if anyone can suggest anything else I'd be grateful. I think I'll probably present it as a solid wooden number 9 (or rune) with carved details within, so any nice little '9' related visuals I can think of to weave into the design, I'd be grateful.

She likes her Norse stuff and i think she'll get a kick out of it.