This is a myth that is yet to be seen or proven. The Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world by the year 2012, which is less than 2 years from now. Who here believes this to be true or do you think this is just a myth?

Rhonda Tharp

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I think it's a myth, but it's intriguing... I saw a history channel show about the Mayan calendar, but then there was a follow up show about the Chinese "I-Ching" and a Hindu Text that claims the same thing will happen in 2012. (Can't remember what text - Vedas, Mahabarata or Puranas... anyone know?)


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Sorry Myth here. The Bible says that not even God's son knows the day or the hour. I tend to believe that. But even if it was tomorrow it wouldn't make a difference. I live as if every day is my last.


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I kind of classify stuff like this in the same category as all the hype about the millennium. I just can't make myself crazy about it. I'll watch some TV shows about it and read an article or two, but I'm not going to stock up on water and canned food or anything like that. Not that that would help anyway, if it really was the end of the world.


The problem I have with that is it does not really say the world will end, but be reborn into a new age. I forget how many times they say this has happened. I believe it is the Navajo also have a similar prediction that some people believe is in 2012.


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Nostradamus also says that 2012 is a key date in man's history, with cataclysmic events scheduled for December 21, 2012.

Personally, I still plan on hanging my Christmas stocking that year, just in case there is still a December 25th that year. :)