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  1. Rhonda Tharp

    Which myths exemplify good character traits?

    Hello, I taught an elective class many years ago covering different cultures' and their myths. The district I work for canceled the class in 2010, but wants to bring it back. The district is interested in the class emphasizing "character" traits like honesty, integrity, respect...
  2. Rhonda Tharp

    Thoughts on thor 2?

    Ah yes, he morphs into a horse and gave birth to sleipnir. He encourages hodor to shoot the mistletoe arrow to balder, but then later loki morphs into an old woman, throk, who refused to cry for balder.
  3. Rhonda Tharp

    Thoughts on thor 2?

    Spoiler alert Just wondering your thoughts on the characters and storyline in the movie. Finally, they let Loki shapeshift.
  4. Rhonda Tharp

    The iliad or the odyssey?

    The Odyssey, I like Odysseus' trickster characteristics.
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    Numberpedia is cool and the universal history of math has given me more than enough to absorb. Khan academy you tube videos about Fibonacci and fractals are awesome, too.
  7. Rhonda Tharp

    Anyone seen any good movies lately?

    OMG, how did I forget Lincoln? That's also on my list.
  8. Rhonda Tharp

    Anyone seen any good movies lately?

    I've got five movies lined up to see: Flight, The Hobbit, Les Mis, Cloud Atlas and Argo. Anyone seen the last two? I just saw Skyfall last weekend. Great story line and action.
  9. Rhonda Tharp

    Family claim

    There may be Native American tribes that claim such ancestry.
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    Anyone have suggestions for numerology books? Morris Squares or any other number puzzles? Thanks!
  11. Rhonda Tharp

    Mythology question about soulmates

    I realize you are discussing one lover mourning another, but this also reminds me of Demeter killing everything because her daughter was gone.
  12. Rhonda Tharp

    Recurring themes in mythology

    For trickster analysis, I recommend "Trickster Makes This World" by Lewis Hyde. Shapeshifting would be interesting to investigate, and compare it to current stories/movies. How many "faces" does a 21st century person have? Is a car salesman a trickster? Creation myths and savior myths seem...
  13. Rhonda Tharp

    Hello! it is wonderful!!!

    Love this!
  14. Rhonda Tharp

    Hello! it is wonderful!!!

    I've been a member for two years, and have never gotten responses from Admin. Good luck.
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    I love Hermes! Him and Buddha share some similar characteristics; both did stuff when a baby that was unusual and both were born to a mother named "Maia."
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    Ancient City Ruins Gao Chang - Jiaohe Ancient city -
  17. Rhonda Tharp


    On my way through China's northern Silk Road, we stopped at the Magao Caves in Dunhuang, China. We were not allowed to take pics of the cave art, but here are some examples of what we saw. And the Thousand Buddha Caves...
  18. Rhonda Tharp


    I leave in two weeks, and my itinerary includes: Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City's Palace Museum, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Ming Dynasty City Wall, Mogao Grottos, Crescent Lake, Thousand Buddha Cave...
  19. Rhonda Tharp

    Bears in celtic mythology

    I recall learning about King Arthur in reference to Ursa Major... From wikipedia Some scholars have suggested that is relevant to this debate that the legendary King Arthur's name only appears as Arthur, or Arturus, in early Latin Arthurian texts, never as Artōrius (although Classical Latin...
  20. Rhonda Tharp

    Dead wood growing

    Off the top of my head, I couldn't think of wood coming alive again, but was reminded of Osiris being buried and his tomb became encased in a palm tree. A few others were Baucis and Philemon - becoming an oak and a linden, Cu Chulann being raised in a hollowed oak till the age of 5, oak...