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  1. Quentin Woolery

    Cutting the blood eagle

    Has anyone heard of this type of Norse mythological torture? The gist of it is they would take a prisoner and lay them face down. Then they would cut a large cut on each side of the spine and detach the ribs from the spine. Then they would spread them out before crucifying the victim. Sounds...
  2. Quentin Woolery

    What profession?

    If you didn't do what you do now, what profession would you like to be in. I would love to be a vet and take care of animals. I actually investigated doing this but didn't go through with it.
  3. Quentin Woolery

    Animal myths?

    Let's start a thread about animal myths. You know, things animals are supposed to do that are actually old wive's tales and superstitions? I'll start. If you are getting married and you see a pure white horse running south to north on the way to the ceremony, it's a bad omen for the marriage...
  4. Quentin Woolery

    Succubus and incubus

    I've always wondered about the stories about succubus and incubus. It makes me wonder what actually caused the "sightings" or attacks of these types of creatures. Was it a poisoning that caused the phenomenon? Could it have been the same thing that caused the "witch" sightings in Salem?
  5. Quentin Woolery


    The urban legend of the Chupacabra or "goat killer" has been alive in Mexico for longer than anyone can remember. Now there are some creatures that have been killed in different places that people are saying are Chupacabra. What do you think?