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    Left, right, left, right

    Well, there's the superstition that one who has their left hand as their dominate hand are evil and being controlled by the devil. The nuns used to smack the children who used their left hand, and forced them to use their right hand. Ohh there's so much more, if I think of any more, particularly...
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    Hello there :d

    Thank you :] yay Renaissance Faires!
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    Hello there :d

    So I discovered this board a few days ago from an ad on facebook . So I figured why not join ^_^ My name is Jen, but you can just call me FreyjaLilith lol I'm 21 years old and I live in NY. My favorite mythologies include Norse and Babylonian. My favorite mythological beasts are mermaids...
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    Disney's hercules: how many inaccuracies can you find?

    When has Disney ever been accurate? They take stories, and make their own version of them, usually making themn more 'kid friendly'. I admit, I nerd rage when it comes to The Little Mermaid, its my favorite Hans Christian Andersen story. But, you know..when I watched Hercules I had to be nine...
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    Which greek god do you resemble?

    I got Aphrodite. She's
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    Your favorite type of mythology

    You should give Babylonian a go, Gilgamesh is a really great hero story. And Enuma Elish was very interesting too..Marduk was such a badass! lol Ohh..and I just noticed..Norse has more votes than Greek ^_^ It makes me happy. I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in NYC yesterday, I...
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    Kick the door down!

    Kick down the, now I want to play munchkin. lol
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    Christianity belongs here

    Just because a religion is still practiced doesn't mean it can't be considered a mythology. I said it in a previous post, but the word "myth" derives from a Greek word that means "Speech with God(s)". The word is used incorrectly, pretty much. Mythology is a study of religions when it comes down...
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    What's your favorite symbol associated with mythology?

    Yin and Yang, I've always loved that symbol even before I knew what it meant as a child. Its a perect representation of balance. I also like the Phoenix and Dragon, they are also used as a "Yin and Yang".
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    Video games

    Wow, there's a lot of different mythologies in Shin Megami Tensei! Freya is so cute :] I may just check out this game, thanks for sharing!
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    Video games

    For all you mythology fans, you might want to look into Final Fantasy, or at least take a look at the summons. Many of the summons (big mystical creatures) are named after mythological figures! Like Shiva, Odin and Tiamat to name a few. Also, many of the main characters' names are from all...
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    Your favorite type of mythology

    As one can tell by my username, Norse is one of my favorites. There are so many interesting things in Norse, Loki always made things soo interesting! ^_^ I also enjoy Babylonian mythology, I just loved the creation story and Gilgamesh.
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    Will christianity become myth?

    Christianity is already under the term of mythology. Christianity can be considered the mythology of North America for instance. I don't mean to offend when stating this, it is pretty much a fact. Also, the word 'myth' is used incorrectly nowadays. Myth is often associated with falsehood, but...