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    Easter (just for fun)

    I agree. Spring is a time of renewal and it is a celebration! Our traditions might be confusing to many both here on earth and ET. However, in keeping with good humor, I believe that ET would get a sugar buzz from trying the jelly beans, and eating the chocolate eggs and bunny. Then watch...
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    Balor is slain by lugh

    Legend of Joe, you are so very talented! You really have caught the moment of battle. Such a story! To think that the legend came true of Balor being killed by his grandson Lugh. The Tale of Tory Island is also interesting.
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    Dream interpretation

    Katie that is fascinating! Bangungot? He DOES sound creepy. Is there a certain tree he lives in? Are there any descriptions of what he looks like? What is the story behind why he sits on people when they sleep? Is it taboo to even speak the name?
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    Good luck rituals

    Here is one I thought was rather interesting. Blowing out birthday candles. We all close our eyes, make a wish, and try to blow the candles out in one breath. But the lesser known fact is that in ancient Greece, this was a worship ritual for the goddess Artemis. It was believed that if you...
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    That is really interesting. What I am curious about is why out of so many kings and myths to choose from why pick Tutankhaumun? Does it mention what was the relic that was supposed to have been on the ship?
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    Anyone here like doctor who?

    I agree that Dr. Who is a very imaginative show, and thank you for sharing the link! :) One question I have is do you prefer the older original series, or the newer version? I have truly been craving some of the vintage shows, not to take away from the current series.
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    What profession?

    RLLynn your photo is fabulous! Thank you for sharing! Seems like you already do have a gift for photography. You really captured the moment - you can just hear the water from the mill. Can only image what the same photo would look like in the Fall with a collage of colors! Just beautiful...
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    What do you make of this (dreams)

    That is really unusual! Does your Dad Speak German? Would be very interested in knowing what your Mom said in her sleep. That might help to shed some light as to what your Mother was dreaming, although it does not answer how she was able to speak in a language she is not familiar with!:eek:
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    Here is something I found to be interesting about Cupid. I did not realize that he fell in love with a mortal woman, Psyche, and that Cupid's mother Aphrodite was very jealous of Psyche's beauty. It is quite a story, and in the end, Cupid ended up marrying Psyche (Who later changed her name)...
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    Interesting facts about the first ladies

    History is quite interesting, especially when you learn some lesser known facts. For example, did you know that Martha Washington was the first lady to appear on a postage stamp, and that Helen Taft was quite unconventional, talk about a non-conformist! Do you have any facts you would like to...
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    Dream interpretation

    There are so many ways to look at dream interpretations. Everything seems and feels so real at the time you are having it. You certainly seem to be in a very deep sleep state, and like Amy pointed out you do not always remember everything or anything from the dream. Are you dreaming of a horse...
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    King midas

    In reading about King Midas, I stumbled across some lesser known tales. In King Midas' case it was the story of how he drew the rath of Apollo when he was the umpire in a music contest. Apollo gave King Midas donkey ears! :eek: Anyone have any lesser known stories they would like to share?
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    Bifröst and a question

    LegendofJoe, Totally awesome poster! Thanks for sharing. Here is the literal translation of what is written on the bottom of the poster: "Hugin and Munin Tells of Norse gods by Erik Hjorth Nielson Agertoften Publishing". I do not know if Geri and Freki have any meaning, but their names...
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    Calliope thanks for the information on Civilization! I have not played this before, but after seeing some introductions to the game and the characters it looks awesome! It really brings the players to life. Which periods have you played, or liked best? The game looks very addictive if for no...
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    Selene is yet another interesting character. She was known to have many love affairs, but she was deeply in love with Endymion who was a Shepherd Prince. Selene is depicted many times either as riding a bull, or riding a horse side saddle.
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    I am really into histoy and mysteries, so put these two together and you have researching your family ancestors. Anxious to get started on my Father's side as they seem to have a town in Alaska named after them. Once I can gather the information on how this came about, I am sure it will make...
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    Haunted history

    There are so many places rich in history, and many places where battles took place. Sometimes the aftermath of these events result in unusual events/sightings. Haunted places in history. I understand there is a place in Maryland which is a "hot spot" of activity as the resut of the Civil War...
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    Do you believe in forerunners?

    Sorry to hear of your crashes Diana, and yes I personally do believe in forerunners. It is like you said, you see just a partial glimpse but enough to know you have been there/witnessed this before. What I am not clear on is why do we get these glimpses, when we cannot change the outcome...
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    The nanteos cup

    Thanks for sharing the link. It was really very enlightening! Honestly, it does make total sense. It is just ashame that its present known whereabouts are in a bank vault. Seems like it would be nice if it were in a museum behind glass where all can see and enjoy.
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    In reading about Celtic Mythology I find it amazing how many stories there are with magic swords. Which sword/story is your favorite? I am personally leaning towards Excalibur.