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    Werewolves vs. vampires

    Werewolves and vampires are enemies in the Twilight and Underworld stories. Does this conflict stem from a myth or is it just a pop culture phenomenon?
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    Ouija boards

    I read a debate online about Ouija boards. I didn't realize so many took a Parker Brothers game so seriously but I guess they do. I also found out the vintage Ouija boards are wooden, which I bet looks pretty nice. Have you ever played a Ouija board? Do you think they are dangerous?
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    The name loki

    Last weekend, I met a little boy named Loki. He was a cool little kid (so far he's not much of a trickster :)) but I'm not sure that's a name I'd choose. Would you name your child Loki?
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    I was reading online the other day, and people were claiming that the bindi on a Hindu woman's forehead indicates marital status. I don't know why they think that; I've always read that the bindi represents the inner eye, focused on God.
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    How long to keep the tree up?

    For those of you who celebrate Christmas, how long are you keeping the tree up? Is it gone already? I'm not religious, but I usually keep mine up until after January 6 (Epiphany), mostly because it seems like a good day to end Christmas festivities.
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    According to Scottish folklore, a brownie is a household fairy who cleans the house at night while the mortals sleep. I wish I had one!
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    Favorite animal/monster?

    Do you like any of the animals or monsters you've read about in Greek mythology? Why did you like them? I really like griffins, but more for aesthetic reasons than anything. I just think they look cool.
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    The chronicles of riddick

    Have you ever seen The Chronicles of Riddick? The movie itself is pretty mediocre, but I thought it had some interesting mythological and supernatural elements.
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    Asgard = mount olympus?

    Is Asgard pretty comparable to Mount Olympus in Greek mythology? It seems to be from the brief descriptions I've read, but if not, what differences exist?
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    Acheron or styx?

    I always thought Charon ferried the dead across the river Styx, but I just read that he actually crosses Acheron. Was I mistaken all this time?
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    Mortal pride

    Mortals never learn to not boast about being better than the gods. It's rather petty of the gods to punish them for saying so, but you would think eventually mortals would understand the lesson of the various punishments.
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    Detecting 2-way mirrors

    Have you heard how to detect 2-way mirrors? Touch it with the tip of your finger. If there is a gap between your finger and its reflection, it's a regular mirror, but if not, it's a 2-way mirror. Does this method actually work?
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    I love Athena; she is one of my favorite Greek goddesses. I think I'd spend extra time worshipping her if I had lived in ancient Greece. What do you like (or dislike) about Athena?
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    Why is Bastet depicted as a cat? Don't get me wrong; I love cats, but I am not sure why she has that particular aspect.
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    Greek/roman mythological prevalence

    Most people I know are more familiar with Greek/Roman mythology than any other type. I assume this is due to the far-reaching influence of the Roman empire. Do you think there are any other factors?
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    Halloween costumes

    Do you buy or make Halloween costumes? Have you thought about what you will be this year? I know it's early, but I love Halloween so it is already on my radar.
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    Why is it always indian graveyards?

    In movies and books, Indian (Native American) graveyards are frequently the source of local hauntings and other supernatural phenomena. Why do you suppose this is?
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    Is persephone really unhappy?

    The myth usually states that Persephone was abducted by Hades and is unhappy during the six months she must spend with him. I also read somewhere that actually she's not unhappy during that time; only her mother is. What do you think?
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    I always liked the god Anubis. Yes, a god of the dead can't help but be a little creepy, I suppose, but he served an important function. I have a couple small Anubis statues in my house.
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    Paul bunyan origins

    There's some controversy over Paul Bunyan's origins. Do you believe the tales started during the Papineau Rebellion, or was he simply a product of a later advertising campaign?