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    Was perfection possible in the ancient greek world?

    If you look at their art, you may think so. Doryphoros (translated from Greek as ‘Spear-Bearer), was a statue created during the 5th century BC. The fine detail for an idealized human anatomy and natural pose of this statue inspired Romans to create several copies and lucky for us, some of the...
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    Scientists today dismiss the work prescribed by the Book of the Cow and Paracelsus’ De Natura Rerum as mere fantasy, while others suggest the writing was intended to be taken symbolically, rather than literally, and contains hidden messages regarding the process of spiritual ascension...
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    Legend of krampus?

    In ancient times, a dark, hairy, horned beast was said to show up at the door to beat children, and carry them off in his sharp claws. The Krampus could be heard in the night by the sound of his echoing cloven hooves and his rattling iron chains. Read it here...
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    Theme park skylines

    What are your guy’s favorite theme Park Skylines? One of my favorites has to be either Cedar Points or the whole Walt Disney world Complex. At Cedar Point you get to see it on that giant roadway to the park for miles and you can see a lot of the parks at WDW from other park’s rides, which is...
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    Greek mythology, where to begin?

    Hey I'm interested in reading some Greek mythology such as the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun and melted his waxen wings or Medusa. Does anyone know what I should look to read?
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    Celtic worship in ancient times?

    What do we know about the nature of Celtic worship in ancient times? Are there particular services or rituals that have been uncovered by historians? What would an authentic pagan Celtic priest or priestess do for his/her people? Do we know whether priests were male, female, or both?
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    When you think of greek mythology

    When you think of Greek Mythology, what comes to mind?
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    Heimdall is referred to as the watchman of the gods

    Heimdall is a god in the Norse pantheon, most well-known for his task to announce the coming of Ragnarok by sounding his horn, which will be heard across all worlds. He is one of the better-known Norse gods, who is mentioned in a number of literary sources, including the Poetic Edda and the...
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    Idunn: the rejuvenating goddess

    Idunn (Iðunn) one of the most important goddesses in Norse mythology. The name of this goddess has been variously translated to mean ‘The Rejuvenating One’, ‘Ever Young’, and ‘Rejuvenator’, which highlights the role she has in the Norse pantheon. You can guess how worried the other gods would be...
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    The norse god thor

    Another great story by Ancient Origins! I suggest to read an article about Thor. Nice informations. Thor is one of the most significant gods in the Norse pantheon, arguably second in importance only to Odin. "Thor is best known for his magical hammer, Mjollnir, which was forged for him by the...
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    Viking camp discovery

    Hello, Take a look at the newest discovery made by archaeologists. Complete camp is found unearthed, containing clear evidences of shipbuilding and craftmanship Unearthed viking camp