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  1. magickz

    Mythology graduate programs

    Has anyone ever taken a course before? I am looking into some programs to take besides this but I caught this one and have been researching nonstop to see if its something I can work into my other stuff.
  2. magickz

    Shaking a cold

    I think the weather put more than just a damper on my spirits. I also think if I could stop sneezing enough to do my work the day would go by much quicker. Anyone with some quick tips to shake a cold in the first 24hrs?
  3. magickz

    The nine worlds

    I never even knew about this one! I grabbed a book about this the other day and it really has peaked my interest. Anyone with more info or a few extra books that I could pick up and learn a little more?
  4. magickz

    The love of history

    A friend of mine is more of a history buff than I am, walking through her house you can find all types of carvings and artwork. She has put a ton of time and money into it, do we have any collectors here? What do you collect history wise?
  5. magickz


    Has anyone heard about this before? I read something about this earlier this morning that talked about both coming into what most know now as Christmas carols, but the same site also referenced it as a drinking game to start with.
  6. magickz

    The green man

    Anyone know the story goes? I remember something about this when I was younger but I can not find any books in the house on the subject. I thought I first read about this in a book as a side story, not the main one of the book too.
  7. magickz


    Is this on any shopping list for someone close to you this year? I knew the product but not the name and I used to skate. The prices are not that bad and Amazon had a few deals so I was lucky to get one this close to the holiday.
  8. magickz

    Flood watch

    We are down for some nasty rain today, the flood watch has been going on since about 6'oclock last evening and its not about to let up. I love that we live on a large hill but it is not going to help getting out to the stores and whatnot. Anyone else with nasty weather this week?
  9. magickz

    Where is your change?

    We got these great sauce jars the other week (all for pasta) and anything empty we are keeping change in now. Our youngest has a great quarter jar going now, over 60 bucks in it!
  10. magickz

    So sleepy

    For some reason I am not getting normal sleep at night, I am instead laying awake for 90 minutes trying to fall asleep. I am between awake and kind of sleeping. What gives, its evening now and I am ready for a nap.
  11. magickz

    Oldest myth

    It seems the question of "what is the oldest myth" might be the hardest question to answer. Does anyone here have any insight? I have read up a bit on it but it seems people are seriously debating between a few of the top three or four.
  12. magickz


    I love anthing to do with a trickster and it all started with Rumpelstiltskin as a child. Has anyone here read this one before or heard the name before?
  13. magickz

    Removing negativity

    I ended up having a troll feast with someone online that just showed me one more person in my life that I do not need. I try to surround myself with good, honest, hardworking people. When one in the bunch turns bad, it messes up the entire barrel (think apples).
  14. magickz

    Dnc in charlotte

    Anyone here from Charlotte? I am wondering what all the commotion is about. I have never heard of an issue like this before but maybe with the protesting going on for Occupy world wide they are taking extra precautions?
  15. magickz

    Almost quitting time!

    I am thankful that the weekend has come by so quick hopefully it doesn't leave the same way. It seems like this week has went faster than any others have, maybe because winter is slowly approaching??
  16. magickz

    Breast cancer myths

    It is the month to keep the education going so here is a news clip of what this month is all about, and that is uncovering those myths that sadly so many tend to believe. And while I am thinking about it at the same time as catching up on my online reading, what does anyone think about this? I...
  17. magickz

    The secret circle

    We watched an episode of this last night and I am not too sure how I feel about it. I guess coming in after the first or second episode might have thrown me off. It has some potentional but I am not sure that we are looking for another Sabrina the Teenage Witch either.
  18. magickz

    Death row

    For or against it? And better on the subject since its a tricky one, what happens when you hear of someone on the row who pleads their innocence up until the very end? Anyone know the % of how many innocents are convicted and then released after new evidence turns up (like in the movie Conviction)?
  19. magickz

    Dang i dred it

    We are officially moving, well all most officially but everything is in the works now. It has been a crazy month and now we still have a great bit left. Is it bad that I hate the idea of moving but I love the idea of finding things to pitch out that we no longer user or need?
  20. magickz


    Can anyone here recommend a good book about Pwyll? I am on the hunt for a friend of mine that happens to be an insane book reader, she can take a book and finish it in a day no matter what the subject line.