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    Werewolves vs. vampires

    That is an interesting question. I have never heard any myth that would suggest they were enemies so I think it probably stems from the writer's imagination.
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    Are celts in your own heritage?

    I have a Celtic line on my mothers side and I find it fascinating to study. We have traced back to Scotland and Ireland. I love the history of that area of the world it is so amazing.
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    First state of the union

    Toni, unfortunately you can't impeach someone because you don't like what he proposes. Don't forget he can only do so much with what he has been dealt and the 401K AKA the privatization of Social Security is an idea that the Congress has been kicking around for awhile now. Rhonda, I agree...
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    What's on your 2012 reading list?

    I just want to read more in general this year. I used to try to read at least one classical novel (i.e. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, and The Three Musketeers) a year but I have gotten out of the habit. I may just have to start again though. I have downloaded Uncle Tom's Cabin to my...
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    First state of the union

    With everyone speculating on who our next president will be and the primaries coming up, I thought it would be a good time to mention that on this date in 1790, George Washington gave the first State of the Union. I wonder what that was like? I wonder if it is written down anywhere so that we...
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    How long to keep the tree up?

    Mine was down a few days after Christmas, mostly because I have to take it down when I have the time or it will never happen.
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    Titanic anniversary

    It is hard to believe that it has been that long, but you are right the fact that so many people died needlessly because it was determined that their lives weren't as important as the lives of the first class passengers was a terrible tragedy.
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    History channel in name only

    The History Channel and The Learning Channel are ridiculous, maybe they should consider changing their names. I certainly haven't learned anything from watching the learning channel other than some people let their children act like complete brats.
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    "insert celcebrity name here" is dead

    I am getting so tired of the rumor mill that surrounds celebrities especially the urban legends that will spring up on the internet saying they have died. Recently Jon Bon Jovi was reported dead but he is obviously not. In the past Jackie Chan, Will Ferrell, and Justin Bieber have all been...
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    Anyone watch the old episodes of frasier?

    I used to watch Frasier but I don't anymore. It was a somewhat funny show but it isn't for everyone. It has that same kind of humor that shows like Seinfield had.
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    Bad message

    RLynn we are talking about a book aimed at 2-4 year olds, not grown ups, so it isn't an idiot but a child. They can't always separate the concepts. I just feel like they could have told the story without having to equate the giving of gifts to love. Gifts of homage and respect to kings were the...
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    Mythology in name brands

    Atlas Van Lines, Amazon, Trident gum, and Spartan stores all come to mind but I am sure there are a ton more. I never really thought about it before but this was a fun exercise.
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    Bad message

    But what upsets me about it is --Gifts are not proof of love. In what universe does a new video game or a gift card to Applebees say "I love you"? I think as a society we should do a major reevaluation if that is the definition of love. And what about those children who live in poor households...
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    What are you doing new year's eve?

    I don't hold onto anything(emotionally) so I guess I don't have anything to let go of. We don't do anything superstitious or anything, we are just going to a really nice dinner.
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    Inanimate objects and souls

    I don't think that it is necessarily that it possesses a soul but a spirit. They are not the same thing. Everything has life and gives life.
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    Bad message

    I was reading through a kids book called The Story of Christmas and I really think it has a horrible message. After giving the generally accepted story of Jesus' birth it said that the wise men brought Jesus gifts because they loved him and that we give presents to show our love. I think it...
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    Tristan and iseult

    I haven't read a lot about the story but I do think it is probably more closely tied to Lancelot and Guinevere for the reasons that Legend stated. Their love was forbidden and Iseult was the wife of the king.
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    Holiday hurt

    I thought I might make it through the holiday season with no injuries but alas it was not meant to be. I was making peanut brittle today and the candy thermometer fell out and hit my hand. That would be fine except there was 300 degree liquid sugar on it. Ouch!
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    Historical biographies

    I have read several of these. I agree though I much prefer the ones that are written more story like than facts and figures. I read several Native American ones a few years back and they were great.
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    Cookie factory

    This week I feel like a Keebler elf. I have made over 500 cookies, peanut brittle, fudge and cake pops. I still have a pie to bake and I am just going crazy. I am so tired. Have you done any holiday baking?