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  1. magickz

    Werewolves vs. vampires

    It seems a little weird for shows like Vampire Diaries that they would then allow some to be "friends" to a point. I wonder if its all about the writers like goddess mentioned or if there is some random truth to some being close and others not?
  2. magickz

    Mythology graduate programs

    Has anyone ever taken a course before? I am looking into some programs to take besides this but I caught this one and have been researching nonstop to see if its something I can work into my other stuff.
  3. magickz

    Pat: people.against.twilight

    I am not too fond of it, too many things just do like click the way I like my stories to unfold. I guess to each their own even if it means sometimes I have to hear a ton of flack from my niece (who adores it).
  4. magickz

    The name loki

    I doubt it, while we did think a great deal about what we wanted to name our kids the idea of Loki (or any other sort) never came up. I guess some people just want a truly rare name for their kids.
  5. magickz

    Shaking a cold

    I think the weather put more than just a damper on my spirits. I also think if I could stop sneezing enough to do my work the day would go by much quicker. Anyone with some quick tips to shake a cold in the first 24hrs?
  6. magickz

    Mythology in name brands

    Fun topic to think about, I doubt most people pay attention sometimes to such little details like a name. I always have since I like to know what I am buying and about the company behind the product.
  7. magickz

    Reading the signs

    There are times when sometimes the signs are just not clear enough, then other times when we look back and wonder how we missed it in the first place. I have had plenty of moments like that.
  8. magickz

    Most appealing woman in history

    Bathory is what I did a huge story for back in the years I went to school, its one of the best pieces I ever wrote (and I aced the course). Tons of women stand out and I am working (this month) on a new piece for my blog about women through history. I am going to need to keep an eye out on this...
  9. magickz


    I have heard a few random stories of her mixed in with witchcraft but it seems when you research it some sites say one thing and others say seven other things. It is really hard sometimes to find true facts to it all, I guess that is what keeps the search fresh & exciting.
  10. magickz

    Anyone watch the old episodes of frasier?

    Off and on yes, Kelsey Grammer is just great with his work and I still remember watching him in things like Star Trek & Cheers. I do get the note about Seinfield though, that is one I never really got into.
  11. magickz

    The nine worlds

    Very nice, I am going to have to keep that in mind while I hunt for some more reading material. I am thinking of heading out to Barnes & Noble this weekend along with two 2nd hand book stores in the area to see if I can find anything good.
  12. magickz

    The nine worlds

    I never even knew about this one! I grabbed a book about this the other day and it really has peaked my interest. Anyone with more info or a few extra books that I could pick up and learn a little more?
  13. magickz

    The love of history

    A friend of mine is more of a history buff than I am, walking through her house you can find all types of carvings and artwork. She has put a ton of time and money into it, do we have any collectors here? What do you collect history wise?
  14. magickz


    I think as the season goes on (and the rest to follow) more will be explained, I kind of hate the jumping from one to the other too. Hopefully they pay attention to their fan base and mold it to suit everyone's needs.
  15. magickz

    Is anyone as sick of this one as i am

    I think the only thing that tops it is when a friend knows you are tech savvy, breaks their machine and then expects you to walk them through fixing it. This would of course be easier to do if they ran a security deal like a nice anti-virus but then again, who knows?
  16. magickz

    Speaking of christmas

    Very nice read too! We ended up doing some stories with the kids over the weekend but most times in our house when they get older they always want to know more. I think some of the myths head around the schools these days too, more so than when I was there thats for sure.
  17. magickz

    Fairy tattoo

    How large of an area to you plan to cover, is this your first one or will be it nestled into others that you already have? There are dozens to pick from online and taking a trip to a local library but make sure you have an amazing artist first (research them and the shop they work at).
  18. magickz

    Holiday hurt

    Oh my! Are you okay? It sounds like my kitchen insanity the other week making biscuits I managed to slice my finger while actually holding the knife the correct way. I am blaming it on a freak kitchen accident though since I have not had one (knocking on wood now) in three years.
  19. magickz


    Has anyone heard about this before? I read something about this earlier this morning that talked about both coming into what most know now as Christmas carols, but the same site also referenced it as a drinking game to start with.
  20. magickz

    The green man

    I am wondering more if there are actually any myths that depict the same man but it might be listed under a different name. I have been researching my peepers out on this one and no such luck so far.