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  1. Oak Leaves

    Are celts in your own heritage?

    How many people here have discovered any of their family lines go back into Celtic history? We have one line in my mother's line that goes back to Welsh and Celtic history. People here have connected to lines in England and hooked into those. It's fascinating to know that some of your ancestors...
  2. Oak Leaves

    First mythology memory

    What is the first story, other than a Bible story or fairy tales, you remember hearing that is a story based on Greek or Roman mythology? About how old were you when you read or heard it?
  3. Oak Leaves

    Latest book find

    I heard a friend talking about a place that had hundreds of old books they were selling for a quarter and fifty cents each. I went by there and bought a shopping cart full for $10, so I paid less than the asking price. I found books on the Druids, King Arthur, an Edith Hamilton biography and...
  4. Oak Leaves

    Mythology in name brands

    When we were in high school, the teacher had students list all sorts of products and advertising that took names from mythology in their branding. Can you think of any ones that stand out? Nike comes to my mind right off the bat. So does Olympus cameras and Argo starch. Do they still make that...
  5. Oak Leaves

    We are native americans

    I find it fascinating to think about where all those Native Americans ended up. Some went to reservations and passed down their heritage. Many, many more were absorbed into the cultures around them. Their traditions and culture either was lost in the dominant race or eventually forgotten. I...
  6. Oak Leaves

    Beginning interest in mythology

    I have loved mythology for lots of years, so I'm happy to have found this forum. How did so many of you get interested in mythology? I find it fascinating that there are enough people who love it to start websites and forums on the subject.