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  1. Wotan

    Eye of horus vs osiris

    Hey, I recently have aquired an eye of Horus/Osiris Pendant, the only problem is I can not tell if it is the Eye of Osiris or Horus... google images turns up the same symbol for both "Eye of Osiris" and "Eye of Horus" and although wikipedia does not have a page for "Eye of Osiris" (it does for...
  2. Wotan

    7 seals

    I was wondering if anyone knows how each of the seven seals of the apocalypse are broken?
  3. Wotan

    Ancient aliens - the evidence (documentary)

    During the documentary "Ancient Aliens - The Evidence" (which was aired on the History channel) it shows these heiroglyphs (image posting is not working, go to the link to see it) and claims it says "I want to fly" I have only been studying...
  4. Wotan

    Theseus comic!

    For my research project (year 12) I had to research the greek myth Theseus and convert it into an internet comic. After odin knows how long researching, and 47 hours on the comic (and site design) it is finished! (link bellow)
  5. Wotan


    Next semester I will be doing an essay on the Roman Emperor Nero, I have seen a documentary on him (don't remember what it was called but I should be able to dig it up) and I probably have some information on him in a few of my history books. I was just wondering if anyone can share any...
  6. Wotan


    Xerxes once set up his ships in a row so his army would be able to cross the sea on them like a bridge. Unfortunatly Poseidon kicked up a mighty storm and destroyed Xerxes entire fleet. In anger Xerxes ordered the sea to be whipped to punish Poseidon Horatio: I guess Xerxes should have...
  7. Wotan

    Bifröst and a question

    Okay, first of all I would like to say, I have decided Norse mythology is my new favourite. Any mythology with a magical rainbow bridge (Bifröst) is a kick-arse mythology. Secondly I would like to ask, where do Odin's crows come from? I keep seeing them in depictions of Odin but what? does he...
  8. Wotan


    Prometheus stole the secret of fire from the gods and gave it to man kind. Do you consider him a hero for bettering humanity? Or a Villain for stealing from the gods?
  9. Wotan


    I have been reading the Odyssey and several times they have mentioned "Hell" once in the contents of sending somebody to Hell and once when they are planning to go to Hades they go on to say that they must go to "Hell". I was not aware that Hell even existed in these times as it was much before...
  10. Wotan


    Sup my peeps, how it hangin'? Now that we have the formalities out of the way, I was wondering if anyone is able to suggest any documentaries, sites, books or other that mention or contain the story of Theseus. As I may have mentioned earlier on this site I am doing a major school project on...
  11. Wotan


    I have noticed no one seems to have signatures on this forum, are they frowned apon? is mine to large? if it is annoying people I am happy to change it/remove it
  12. Wotan


    Hello, I am Wotan. I am an amature when it comes to history. I am learning to read Egyptian hieroglyphs... I was kinda suprised there is not an Egyptian Mythology area. Never the less, as my name shows I am interested in other Mythologies, I have a relatively good knowledge of Greek, Egyptian...