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    Local ghost stories

    This is an area that I havn't really looked into too deeply, although I know a load from my own area back home and in Canada here. I'm curious if any of you have local ghost stories from your locale you'd like to share?
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    Medieval bestiary and prestor john

    I've been fascinated by this for a while, ever since I started becoming obsessive with documentaries on the Medieval world... (and by obsessive, I mean like...every single night!) There's been a fw good ones, the most interesting I have seen is this series Inside the Medieval Mind: Anyways...
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    Hello, just wanted to introduce myself. I just signed up after doing a google search. I love mythology and religion, and have studied it as an amateur over the past 12 years. Looking around it seems you have a vibrant community! edit: oops, I didn't see the introduction forum at the very...