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    The wandering jew

    I also have never heard of this legend. I was wondering if the 'Wandering Jew' plant was named after this legend, so I did some research. If you cut out its roots and plant it in other soil, it will regenerate itself and start anew. The Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Jewish history were nomads...
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    True urban legends

    How about the Fun House Mummy? A hanging body was found in an amusement park made out of human skin and bones. Everyone thought it was a prop made from papier mache. It turned out to be Elmer McCurdy a criminal who was killed in a shootout after a robbery.. The mortician who embalmed his body...
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    Satanic backmasking

    I never heard of backmasking either, until American Pickers happen to mention it on one of their shows, ha-ha! I don't believe in it, but it is eerie. Now... I have heard about running movies in slow motion or stopping them in certain scenes and getting demonic faces on the actors. I have no...
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    Difference between celtic and norse?

    I don't understand why we almost gave you a heart attack? (LOL!) It was just a question that you explained quite well. Oh well, I'm glad you recovered! I'm going to look into the books here, they sound like very good reads.
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    Should we take Ragnarok literally? The way the world is going it seems a collapse of “life as we know it” is well on its way. Perhaps a new reconstruction or cleansing is inevitable? There is quite a bit of reality and truth in Mythology.
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    Difference between celtic and norse?

    What is the difference between Norse and Celtic mythology? Are they almost the same or completely different? I'm getting confused reading about different gods and warriors in some articles I found.
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    In the book 'Haunted Land' by Paul Devereux he explains in the Channel Island of Guernsey, the werewolf is known as 'varou', which originates in German term, Varulf (werewolf), via the Breton 'varw', that relates to both wolves and the dead. That is the closest explanation I can find so far...
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    The people of the dawnland

    A short film called "Changeling" retells the history of the American revolution from the Abenaki perspective. Irene Miracle and her efforts to make Changeling formed strong ties with the Abenaki tribe. Her purpose of making this short film was because U.S. government refused to recognize them...
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    The otherworld

    Did anything strange or "Otherworldly" happen to you when you stood inside this pyramid? Where you given any insights into the unknown? How cool would that be?
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    Is a brownie the same as a gnome or elf? I never knew they were mythical. I always wondered where they came up with the name brownie for girlscouts when I was a kid. I thought they were girls who specialized in making brownies or something.
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    Movies with a mythological theme

    I loved the tv series Xena: Warrior Princess, a spinoff of Hercules. My most favorite mythological movies are The Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers and Return of the King.
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    Mythical monsters

    I don't have any favorites per se, but I do love dragons. Any stories, myths, or legends with those firebreathing creatures I love. I personally think they were real.
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    Thanks, Nadai for the link. Very interesting. So far I have only been able to find one book on the net call 'Mimbres Myths'. It says some of the stories that were illustrated were lost in time dying with the storytellers. But some of the stories survived folding into the mythology of the Pueblo...
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    The Mimbres people whose culture emerged around 250 BC and became extinct about 1,000 years ago. They disappeared mysteriously about AD 1400, and the Apaches later ocuupied some of their territory. Does anyone know of any myths or legends of these people?
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    Fairy forts

    An interesting read is Haunted Land by Paul Devereux. Over 2,000 ring-forts dot areas of the Irish landscape which now contain thorn bushes. This site type originated in the Iron Age and date between AD 500 and 1200. To generations of country people these forts were seen as one of the places...