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  1. MightyGarlic

    Looking for myth...

    Hi Hermes, god of speed & boundaries, I am sorry to be a bringer of bad news, doing an hour of research I still can't find any myth of this kind. Do you have any more information
  2. MightyGarlic

    Present-day relevance of perseus?

    Hi elafancy, hope this is not too late Not sure if you are aware of Rick Riordan book series Percy Jackson, the main character defiantly has similarities to Perseus. This is a classic example of Greek mythology being adapted to fit modern day audiences. The only other example is the God of...
  3. MightyGarlic

    Prometheus and humans

    I was wondering when Prometheus tricked Zeus by offering him cow guts, Zues took fire away from man. How did Prometheus retrieve fire and give it to man.