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    Historical biographies

    Someone on my Christmas list absolutely adores reading historical biographies. I know some of you like history, but do you also like this kind of story?
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    Are you ready yet?

    Are you ready for Christmas and the end of 2011 yet? I really can't believe a whole year has passed already...this was a quick one. I have most of the presents bought, and the tree is up so I guess we are mostly ready for Christmas. I do have all my tax stuff for the year done (except W2's)...
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    Mythological names

    Are there any names from mythology that you considered using for your children? I never considered mythological names for my kids, but we had two dogs named Achilles and Athena when we were first married.
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    Favorite greek mythology movie

    What is your favorite Greek mythology movie? I don't think there are actually a whole lot, but one of my favorites is Clash of the Titans. The new version was pretty good with all the special effects, but I actually prefer the original 1981 version. :)
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    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the US folk here. I hope you have a lovely and very safe holiday with your family and friends. Eat lots of turkey and all the other good stuff! ;)
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    Bloody mary...ever tried it?

    Has anyone ever tried the bloody mary urban legend where you turn the light off , say bloody mary into the mirror a certain number of times, and supposedly she appears? I have always been too chicken to try it!
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    Empty shelves

    What is the deal with grocery store shelves being practically empty recently? We shop at three different stores in town and it doesn't seem to matter what day of the week you go they are just always poorly stocked now. Very frustrating to have to keep making multiple trips to get everything you...
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    Let the trick or treating begin...

    My little one has been begging to put on her costume for Halloween since about 7 this morning! We've got her all dolled up like the princess she is and heading out for trick or treating. Hope everyone has a fun and safe night!
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    We put our christmas tree up...

    Yes, I know it's not even Halloween yet, but my 2 1/2 yr old is seriously into Christmas this year and who can blame her they have had the trees and decorations at Walmart up for a month now. We didn't set our real tree up "yet", but we did get a little fiber optic tree down and put that out for...
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    What age to introduce mythological stories and characters

    What do you think is a good age to start introducing mythological characters and stories? I saw a really beautiful set of hard mythological books meant for children. I am considering getting them for my daughter for Christmas, but she is only two. What do you she too young for them?
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    Civil war celebrations

    I live in Georgia and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War is coming up and celebrations have been planned to commemorate this important event in American history. Many of the celebrations are being condemned in National news as being a "celebration of slavery". What do you think?
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    Holiday myths

    I was wondering if anyone has any books or short stories about the different mythological figures used to represent Christmas around the world. Here in the US we have Santa Clause and I know other countries have something similar.
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    Why the resurgence in popularity?

    Why has there been such a resurgence in popularity with mythological figures and creatures in the past few years? Has anyone else noticed the large numbers of hollywood films being produced about mythological heroes and stories?
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    Thanksgiving traditions

    Do you guys have any Thanksgiving Traditions that you follow every year either alone or with your families? My family doesn't really have any traditions but my husband and I are trying to start our own traditions now that we have a child and another on the way.
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    Hello to all

    Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself before jumping in here. I absolutley adore mythology and urban legends so I am so excited to find this site! See you guys on the forum! :)