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    Changing the words

    I think they should have left the words the way they were. The same way they have been for how old is that song now? The educators at the school should be ashamed for missing an opportunity to do what they are paid for...educating!
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    Historical biographies

    Someone on my Christmas list absolutely adores reading historical biographies. I know some of you like history, but do you also like this kind of story?
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    Any other snopes addicts on here?

    Very true Wiseold Owl. You can expect a couple of people to get it right 100% of the time, but it is a neat resource. I always google things that I find questionable as well. There is at least a little truth in every fiction...the trick is figuring out what it is. ;)
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    I think that it is wonderful that you wanted to help...even if it was after the fact. So many people just don't seem to care about others at all anymore. We never have extra money, but I do try to give to the local food pantry when I can. I hope that it helps someone at least in a small way. I...
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    Are you ready yet?

    Are you ready for Christmas and the end of 2011 yet? I really can't believe a whole year has passed already...this was a quick one. I have most of the presents bought, and the tree is up so I guess we are mostly ready for Christmas. I do have all my tax stuff for the year done (except W2's)...
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    Bananas carrying necrotizing fasciitis

    I had not heard that one before. Is it new or has that one been around for awhile and I just missed it until now?
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    Television show: urban legends

    I used to love that show! I had no idea that it still played on tv. What channel was it on? I would love to catch it again sometime.
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    Twilight breaking dawn birth scene

    Seeing as how the article mentioned people being hospitalized and specific cities I don't think it is an urban legend. Perhaps it's the price to be paid for watching such a horrible series to begin with!
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    Any other snopes addicts on here?

    I wouldn't say I am an addict, but I do check it regularly. I think it's a great resource for checking out "fishy" stories, and I have even discovered a couple of fake coupon deals on there as well.
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    Mythological names

    Are there any names from mythology that you considered using for your children? I never considered mythological names for my kids, but we had two dogs named Achilles and Athena when we were first married.
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    Flood watch

    We have had rain and cold for several days now. I think they finally lifted our flood watch, but we have a chance of snow flurries this morning. I am in Georgia so snow in November would be pretty rare.
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    Favorite greek mythology movie

    What is your favorite Greek mythology movie? I don't think there are actually a whole lot, but one of my favorites is Clash of the Titans. The new version was pretty good with all the special effects, but I actually prefer the original 1981 version. :)
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    If the greek gods lived in modern times...

    I think as hedonistic as the gods were they would probably fit right in here in modern times. Thanks for sharing these with us The Greek Gods.
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    Ring around the rosie. . .

    I have heard that it was something related to the plague or some other illness as well as a way to keep children from spreading the disease. I don't know if that is true or not though.
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    Bloody mary...ever tried it?

    I didn't know there were other versions of this one. I thought that was pretty much it. I guess there could be some variations about who bloody Mary actually is though.
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    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the US folk here. I hope you have a lovely and very safe holiday with your family and friends. Eat lots of turkey and all the other good stuff! ;)
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    Do you believe in fate?

    Winterwitch that is an awesome analogy, and pretty accurate to my way of thinking. :) Magickz I also believe in soul mates. I have been with my husband since we were 14 years old, and I knew we were meant to be together the first time I laid eyes on him. :)
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    My family loves to hunt, but we do not hunt for sport. We hunt so that we can feed our family. We are also thinking about breeding meat rabbits in the spring to help with the grocery bill. I wish we could have chickens here!
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    Do you believe in fate?

    I absolutely believe in fate and karma, but not in fortune tellers and all that. In my life everything has happened for a reason, and has made me a better person for the struggles I have faced. I know a lot of people don't believe in fate at all though. Nadai, what you are talking about almost...
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    Empty shelves

    This is namely at Walmart and I know they aren't throwing in the towel becuase their only competition here is an Ingles way on the other side of town, and a Kroger. We said something to a cashier because they always ask "did you find everything you needed today", and she said that she had...