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    Would you play with tarot cards?

    When I was a kid I used to play with tarot cards I bought at the swap meet but my mom found them and took them away, saying they were "ways to talk to the devil". I don't believe that tarot cards actually do anything so I really would not care if people did anything with them. I just don't have...
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    Urban legends about your favorite drinks

    I was taken aback by reading some urban legends about Coca-Cola. One urban legend that I had previously believed to be true from my younger days was that if you left a tooth in a bottle of coke all night it would be gone by morning. I guess that was just a way for parents to scare us into...
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    What's on your 2012 reading list?

    I have a lot of reading goals for 2012. I want to read a lot more than I read this year. I am actually disappointed that I moved and lost interest in reading for a little while. I think my goal is going to be at least 100 books completed by the end of the year.
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    Where would you time travel?

    I was watching the film Midnight in Paris last night and in the film Owen Wilson's character time travels to Paris in the 1920s and hangs out with people like the Fitzgeralds and Hemingway. If you could time travel to a place and time in the past, where would you go and who would you want to...
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    American horror story

    This show is going to end this week and I'm curious what everybody thinks of it. I watch the show every week but I don't necessarily like it. I am just curious about where it's going. I have my suspicions about what is going to happen in the finale. I will probably not stick around for next season.
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    "funny name" legends

    There is an urban legend that somebody tried to tell me was true and happened at the hospital that her "best friend's mom's cousin's" place of work (a hospital). She actually got mad at me when I said that I had already read it on Snopes. The background of the urban legend has some roots in...
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    Holiday song histories & meanings

    With the holidays right around the corner I am hearing holiday music everywhere I go. What are some of the histories or meanings behind some of the well-known holiday songs and carols?
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    Television show: urban legends

    I was pleasantly surprised to be flipping through channels and find a show that dramatized three urban legends and asked the audience to determine which is not true. I thought it was interesting that they were acted out with "real" people they "happened" to also giving interviews. It reminded me...
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    Ring around the rosie. . .

    What is the history behind the children's song 'Ring Around the Rosie'? I had heard that it was related to the plague but I've also heard that is a misconception. I always thought that was a bit morbid. What is the truth?
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    The real history of thanksgiving

    This year I have done some reading online and learned that the history of Thanksgiving that I learned in school is nothing like the actual history of Thanksgiving. For one, it didn't originate with the Pilgrims. Apparently the Pilgrims only celebrated one year, and the whole country did not...
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    Documentary - cropsey

    I watched a documentary called Cropsey the other night on Netflix streaming. It's still available if anybody wants to watch it. Cropsey is a documentary that begins explaining urban legends on Staten Island, NY about a man named "Cropsey" who hid in this abandoned school/hospital and would...
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    The black dahlia

    One of the crimes that I have been most intrigued by is the murder of Elizabeth Short, "The Black Dahlia." Her body was found in a vacant lot in Los Angeles in 1947. Her body was found cut in half. To this day, nobody has been charged with the crime.
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    Does anybody else here watch Hoarders? Some of these people have terrible situations going on and many of them need a lot of help. One man that I'm watching now is not even able to sleep in his house - he sleeps on the streets. There is too much stuff in his apartment.
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    "your boyfriend has been sleeping with a corpse. . ."

    I was browsing through some urban legends on the internet this morning and found one that is truly disgusting, so take this as your warning! A woman has just started sleeping with her new boyfriend. She experiences some discomfort and itching in her private areas so she visits her doctor to get...
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    Theme parks

    I am writing a paper for one of my courses and I thought, "what better to write about than theme park urban legends?" So far I have found it to be a really interesting topic to write about and research. Disney is abundant with legends to research but other parks are a little harder. Any urban...
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    Do you collect anything?

    Is there anything cool that you collect? I've always collected penguins. They are adorable. I've also considered picking up something else to collect though. Something I could find at antique stores. Any suggestions?
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    College urban legends

    For others here who are currently college students, are there any urban legends about your school? I know there are a lot of colleges that are said to be haunted, but are any specific to your school?
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    Death on film

    I've heard a lot of urban legends about people dying on film. One example was that somebody died while filming Ben-Hur but that never actually happened. They also claimed that somebody from Wizard of Oz could be seen hanging themselves in the background of a scene. Also not true!
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    Drug needles in coin returns

    My mom used to tell me to watch out when checking for change in the coin return slot on public phones because she thought drug addicts stashed used needles in them. She was terrified we would get HIV from a needle. Did anybody else hear this UL?
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    Ed gein

    I have found Ed Gein to be really fascinating. They have based a few movies on him like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and he wasn't even actually considered a serial killer. I've heard a lot of urban legends about him though, like that he killed a lot of people but they...