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    Witches and black magic

    Most people think that witches perform "Black Magic", when in fact, witches are actually afraid to cast any spells or perform magic that would have a negative result. If you send something like that out into the universe, it comes back to you, and sometimes even worse than what you've sent!
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    Witches and human sacrificies

    Why is that most people believe that witches use human or animal sacrifices? Witches use mostly herbs and leaves when casting "spells". A bay leaf, for example, is said to create positivity.
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    Being a witch and being wiccan are two different things

    Wiccan is a religion, but many people just assume that anyone who is Wiccan is a witch. Witchcraft is a craft that has to be learned. While there may be Wiccans who actually are witches, not all Wiccans are.
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    The bunny man

    There is a story of a Bunny Man that was seen in DC and in Maryland. He was supposed to have been an escaped inmate who escaped in a bunny suit. I have not heard any information about how he supposedly died, but he has been said to have killed disobedient children. I was wondering if anyone...
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    Voodoo dolls

    I purchased a voodoo doll from one of the many little souvenir shops in New Orleans. It comes with a white pin for good and a black pin for bad. I would never want to use it on anyone for evil purposes - what you put out in the universe comes back to you, after all. I was very tempted one day...