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  1. Dianna

    Roman mythology and archaeologists

    Are there every any archaeological finds that help us better understand or prove Roman mythology. I have always wanted to be an archaeologist. Does anyone know when the last find was?
  2. Dianna

    Gladiators versus apache warriors

    The kids were watching some show, not sure what it was called. But the major question was who was the better warrior: Gladiators or Apache warriors. What do you think?
  3. Dianna

    Was odin a shaman?

    After reading about all of the things Odin could do I started to wonder if he was a shaman? It seems that his special abilities fit the definition. If he is the shaman, would that make him the first shaman?
  4. Dianna

    History app

    I did a search in the Android market and found a bunch of apps that allow you to listen to audio books for free. They even have tons of history books that you can listen to. If you love history and have an Android phone you should check those apps out.
  5. Dianna

    The otherworld

    I am fascinated with the concept of The Other World. The Other World could not be seen by humans and it is where the faeries lived. Does anyone have any other information about The Other World?
  6. Dianna

    Demi god for a day

    If you were going to be any demi God for one day, which God would you be? I would be Diana of course, Goddess of the hunt and the moon and twin sister to Apollo.
  7. Dianna

    Who was saturn?

    Over the weekend my sister and I got in to a debate over who Saturn was and what he stood for. Can anyone refresh my memory and remind me who he was so I can figure out which one of us was right?
  8. Dianna

    Aztec on the wrong side of the planet

    It seems like civilization always moves west. Even though the Aztecs were an advanced cultural people they seemed to be out of sync. Do you think that their advancements have been under appreciated because of this?
  9. Dianna

    Pow wows

    I love the Pow Wows around here. The Native Americans are so excepting and willing to share their culture. What loving and forging people! If you have not gone to one you should go.
  10. Dianna

    What have you heard?

    Sometimes there are urban legends that spread by word of mouth that do not hit the internet. Do you know any urban legends like that you can share.
  11. Dianna

    Shades of death road

    Shades of Death Road concerns a very winding road in Pennsylvania. Apparently a girl died on prom night when the car sped down this road. The legend is that if you speed on this road she will appear in front of your car, making you swerve and crash yourself.
  12. Dianna


    I used to go to Powwows all the time. It was so much fun, they even have special times where they will let anyone go in and dance around the ring. Have you ever attended a powwow?
  13. Dianna

    Fintan mac bóchra

    Fintan mac Bóchra was the only survivor of the great deluge. He was saved because he turned in the salmon. Why was he the only one to transform in such away?
  14. Dianna

    Aeneid and virgil's wishes

    The Aeneid is a very famous poem that rivals that of the Iliad. An interesting fact is that Virgil became ill with fever and wanted it burned. After his death it was published against his wishes. Why do you think he wanted the poem burned?
  15. Dianna

    Moth man

    My kids keep going on and on about moth man and seem to think he lives close by. Moth Man sounds familiar but I can not place it. Can someone explain to me who or what Moth Man is?
  16. Dianna

    The iliad

    Helen, the spartan queen of Troy, was the most beautiful woman in the world. Do you think she was the innocent or the guilty? Would she be the Ginger or the Maryanne?