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  1. Dianna

    I know it's still early but........

    I usually dread winter and that takes away my enjoyment of the holidays. This year I have promised myself that I would try my best to look forward to it. Maybe a change in attitude is all I need.
  2. Dianna

    Clown kidnappers

    From what I have seen, there are similar stories that were rampant in schools in the 80s and 90s. Everywhere from Main, to Chicago and Oregon. I am guessing this is a story to keep kids from talking to strangers.
  3. Dianna

    Roman mythology and archaeologists

    Are there every any archaeological finds that help us better understand or prove Roman mythology. I have always wanted to be an archaeologist. Does anyone know when the last find was?
  4. Dianna

    What do you hand out on halloween?

    I always mean to make something special for the kids who live on our street and I never get around to it. Maybe I will do better this year.
  5. Dianna

    Gladiators versus apache warriors

    I think you might be right. I watched part of it and it seems like Apache Warriors were very dangerous. And when it came to knife fighting, they were king.
  6. Dianna

    Gladiators versus apache warriors

    The kids were watching some show, not sure what it was called. But the major question was who was the better warrior: Gladiators or Apache warriors. What do you think?
  7. Dianna

    Hiv + pepsi

    That is a disgusting rumor, but it is more likely that Coke started that rumor to keep people from buying Pepsi than for that to happen or be an issue.
  8. Dianna

    Humbling time

    We have a rule at our family gatherings, no talking about religion or politics. For us the rule has worked pretty well. Since we started using it almost no arguments have broken out.
  9. Dianna


    I saw what I thought was a UFO. It turned out to be an experimental jet plane that the Airforce was testing a base near us.
  10. Dianna

    Was odin a shaman?

    After reading about all of the things Odin could do I started to wonder if he was a shaman? It seems that his special abilities fit the definition. If he is the shaman, would that make him the first shaman?
  11. Dianna

    Monsters in your area?

    We have Bigfoot sightings here which is pretty cool. Something else that is weird is that we have a lot of large cats roaming our state. Where I live people can get exotic animals as pets without much trouble. So far there are at least 15 confirmed large cats lose in the state. The latest...
  12. Dianna

    Marilyn monroe communism and jfk

    I still think it is weird. Is there a movie out about this? I am really busy these days so if it isn't a movie or audio book I don't have the time to read up on it.
  13. Dianna

    Spontaneous human combustion

    I saw an episode of Eureka that was about a guy who spontaneously combusts. Now they had a really wicked explanation for it. Anyone else see that one?
  14. Dianna

    "halloween festival" now "october fest"

    Here, they can not call ANY religious holiday by its name. Not Christmas, Easter or Halloween. The only problem I have with the change to naming it October Fest is how I associate that with beer and drinking, lol.
  15. Dianna

    Pandora's box

    I am not going to hate a story, myth or anything like that. It seems like a waste of time. I like both Pandora and Narcissus because I know people JUST like that and it humors me to think that man has been like that for so very long. Well humors and saddens me at the same time, but that is life.
  16. Dianna

    History app

    I did a search in the Android market and found a bunch of apps that allow you to listen to audio books for free. They even have tons of history books that you can listen to. If you love history and have an Android phone you should check those apps out.
  17. Dianna

    Marilyn monroe communism and jfk

    I didn't know she was a communist. She was probably very busy with fame and fortune, so why was the FBI watching her so closely?
  18. Dianna

    The otherworld

    I am fascinated with the concept of The Other World. The Other World could not be seen by humans and it is where the faeries lived. Does anyone have any other information about The Other World?
  19. Dianna

    Where do you stand when it comes to religion?

    While I do have my own set of personal believes, I try to stay away from any large organized religion. I find that they are often full of a kind of corruption that can suppress a persons well being.
  20. Dianna

    Who inspires you?

    Albert Einstein, John Keets and Plato are all inspirations to me. One being a scientists, one a poet and the last a great philosopher. Between those three I never run out of quotes.