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    Breaking mirrors

    You both are right, it's 7 years of bad luck. I guess I was thinking of 13 because it's supposedly an unlucky number. :) Well, I guess my 7 years should be up then. I am alive and well! lol
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    Breaking mirrors

    I've heard that if you break a mirror, you'll get 13 years of bad luck. But, the only problem I see with breaking a mirror is the mess, especially if you have to clean it up! I've broken mirrors before, but I don't believe it's affected my luck.
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    Black cats: bad luck, good luck, or just cats?

    I've always heard that black cats were bad luck, especially when I was growing up. However I'm a cat person in general, so I love all kinds of cats. Even if they are black. :)
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    I haven't been able to trace my family back very far. You would think I'd be able to--my family name is uncommon. I've only gotten to the early 1800s. I have no idea what they've done before that, but there are family legends of how members in the family were married 10 or 12 times. lol
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    Cockroach eggs on envelope seals

    Ew, I had never heard of this before, but I always get the self-adhesive kind. This legend reminds me of Seinfeld, I forgot who was getting married but ended up dying from licking an envelope.
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    Have you guys played Civilization? It's one of my favorite games. I love how it's a strategy game that involves some history, too. Basically, you're a a historic ruler and you have to go and build your empire/civilization and fight off other empires/kingdoms. It's a lot of fun. :D
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    Did you fear them?

    Ooh, the Bloody Mary myth. I remember the kids talking about that when I was in elementary school. I was so afraid of saying it (three times) and looking in a mirror. :)
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    The slaem witch trials

    I've been wanting to go to Salem and check it out. I wonder how the locals feel about their town--I mean, I wonder if they get annoyed with all of the tourists coming in and asking questions.
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    Third eye/sixth sense?

    I believe that the third eye exists. At one point, I had been practicing meditation and astral traveling (a mixture of various things) and got to the point where I felt I was able to see with my third eye. I did see something and it scared me enough that I never did it again.
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    Favorite urban legend show?

    Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows. I don't know of any other shows that are exclusively about urban legends. I see many specials on the History Channel or Discovery Channel. Usually, they're in a Top 10 format.
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    Tired of charlie sheen?

    I am absolutely tired of Charlie Sheen. I read a variety of news sources and I find it irritating how he makes the top story. There are many regular people out there with their own drama, drug problems, etc. Charlie Sheen gets the attention because he's a celebrity. There are way more important...
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    Full moon

    Hmm, maybe--but there are babies that are born all of the time. Not necessarily when there is a full moon. However, my little one was born during a full moon. ;)
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    Astronomy and planets

    I know that the inner planet names came from Roman and Greek mythology. But what about the planets Uranus and Pluto (although I guess it isn't a planet anymore ;)? Was Pluto really named after the dog? Also what is Uranus associated with?
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    Mythology books

    Hi guys, thank you so much for the recommendations. I am going to start off with Edith Hamilton's Mythology and the Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. I just ordered them and should be getting them on Friday. :)
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    Online stalkers

    Unfortunately I've had experience in this department. The stalker kept following me to various sites, including forums and blogs that I posted on. Every comment I made, they would comment somewhere in the thread and write a lot of nasty things about me. I never did anything about it, eventually...
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    Pregnancy myths/old wives tales

    I tried figuring out the sex of my baby through all of those methods--the Chinese calendar, how high I was holding my baby, the kinds of food I was eating. However, i just knew that I was having a boy and I did. :)
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    Disney urban legends

    I've also heard about Walt Disney is frozen. That has always freaked me out. Let's see, I've heard that someone died in the Haunted Mansion and really haunts it. I've also heard how Donald Duck is banned from certain countries because he doesn't wear pants. :) I've also heard some things about...
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    Mythology books

    I am considering building a collection of mythology books. I had a nice encyclopedia when I was growing up, but it's sitting on the bookshelf at my parents' house. I'm really interested in Greek mythology, but I'd love to read about others. Any recommendations for me? :)
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    The slaem witch trials

    This has always been one of my favorite topics to read about. One of the books I liked is called, "The Devil in Massachusetts," by Marion Lena Starkey. There was another book that I read, but I can't remember the name. In my high school class, we were allowed to write a topic about anything that...
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    Scariest urban legend?

    Anything that has to do with cemeteries. When I was younger, there was one close to my house and the neighborhood kids would always talk about how the dead would come back to life at night. Of course that didn't happen, but it scared me nonetheless. :)