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    Breaking mirrors

    I've heard that if you break a mirror, you'll get 13 years of bad luck. But, the only problem I see with breaking a mirror is the mess, especially if you have to clean it up! I've broken mirrors before, but I don't believe it's affected my luck.
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    Have you guys played Civilization? It's one of my favorite games. I love how it's a strategy game that involves some history, too. Basically, you're a a historic ruler and you have to go and build your empire/civilization and fight off other empires/kingdoms. It's a lot of fun. :D
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    Astronomy and planets

    I know that the inner planet names came from Roman and Greek mythology. But what about the planets Uranus and Pluto (although I guess it isn't a planet anymore ;)? Was Pluto really named after the dog? Also what is Uranus associated with?
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    Mythology books

    I am considering building a collection of mythology books. I had a nice encyclopedia when I was growing up, but it's sitting on the bookshelf at my parents' house. I'm really interested in Greek mythology, but I'd love to read about others. Any recommendations for me? :)
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    The muses!

    Who is your favorite muse? Calliope, muse of epic poetry, is my favorite one. I love to think of her as my inspiration for my creativity and writing. :)