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  1. eirine hatsumi

    Controlling dreams?

    when you are dreaming, do you remember controlling or dictating what will happen to it? how can I explain it, hmm, for example: You were being chased by monsters or a certain person or an unseen force. You're paranoid and ran wildly, looking for a way to be safe when suddenly, you've reached a...
  2. eirine hatsumi

    The darker side of greek myths

    Just read this article from HuffingtonPost, about the darker side of Greek Myths. I thought that this is an interesting read, so I share it with you guys. The comments are as interesting as the post! ^^
  3. eirine hatsumi

    Ruler after ragnarok?

    I just read that after Ragnarok, a ruler mightier than Odin will emerge and come. Do you have any idea on who this ruler/king is? Thanks to those who'll respond. :D
  4. eirine hatsumi

    Athena's punishment

    We're familiar with the story of Poseidon, Hera, Athena and the other gods and goddesses conspire against Zeus (to dethrone him, perhaps), Zeus was chained but was saved and in return punish those who went against him. He had Hera suspended in the heavens with heavy weights on her feet, Poseidon...
  5. eirine hatsumi

    Relics/treasures of certain gods and goddesses

    do you, by any chance, know what and where to find some of the relics/treasures associated with gods and goddesses? For example, for Odin, his Gungnir. Are there accounts saying that this spear is found and is now on a museum or a private property? If you know some, kindly comment and share, I...
  6. eirine hatsumi

    The valkyries

    I've been fascinated with these ladies. They choose those souls to be taken to Valhalla, and in the battlefield they are often depicted as women riding in horses with swords and shields, while in the hall of Valhalla, they are the ones serving the slain warriors wine (I forgot what you call it)...
  7. eirine hatsumi


    Hecate, for me, is a powerful goddess. She is known as the goddess of crossroads, the dark side of the moon, and sometimes, even the almighty Zeus revere her. Do you know any myths associated with her? I am familiar with Hecate's involvement to Demeter searching for Persephone.
  8. eirine hatsumi

    How fairy tales really end list

    While browsing the net, I found this list amusing. You can check it out here:
  9. eirine hatsumi

    Grimm's fairy tales

    Disney's fairy tales, I think, are written and presented for kids. Actually, back when I was a child I really like the story of Cinderella. But I was shocked when I learned that the Disney's version of Cinderella is not the "true" story and found out that it was the Grimm brothers responsible...
  10. eirine hatsumi

    Prometheus and his secret

    While reading Edith Hamilton's Mythology I came across who Prometheus is. He brought fire to the mortals and in return Zeus didn't like what he did. Zeus had Prometheus bound to Mt. Caucasus wherein an eagle will be there to eat his liver, his liver will grow each day and the eagle will be...
  11. eirine hatsumi

    Who is the sun-god? apollo or helios

    I am confused with Apollo and Helios as the sun-god. During the rape of Persephone it is said that the Sun-god Helios saw Hades abducting Persephone. Also, another account tells us this : "Clytie, who was either a water nymph or a princess of the ancient city of Babylon*, fell in love...
  12. eirine hatsumi

    Sunken cities

    Anyone interested in topics about sunken cities? In Japan, divers wanting to see hammerhead sharks stumbled upon what seems like underwater ruins, with pillars and steps made of blocks. (Just can't remember the exact locations lol) Also, there are assumptions regarding the lost continents of...
  13. eirine hatsumi

    Slit woman-kuchisake ona

    Anyone familiar with Kuchisake-Onna? Back in Japan a terror surfaced about a woman wearing a gas mask roaming around the cities and asking children if she is beautiful. I think before you answer her question, she's gonna remove her mask to reveal a slit mouth from ear to ear, which looks like...
  14. eirine hatsumi

    "to the fairest..."

    if you are Paris, to whom will you award the golden apple?
  15. eirine hatsumi

    Dioses site

    I just want to share this guys. :) Recently this month I finally have my own (free) site. In this site I am posting my works for my comics dioses. My comics showcases mythologies such as the Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Aztec myth. I haven't uploaded some of my works yet, but I am looking forward...
  16. eirine hatsumi

    Reviving myth as a religion today

    Nice to hear that some of the myths we had are being "revived" nowadays and treated as a religion as well. examples are: (1) Odin Brotherhood - the name itself explains it all (2) the Kemetic/s - people who worship the Egyptian gods and goddesses. Do you know other "mythologies" being revived...
  17. eirine hatsumi

    Celebrities tagged as "illuminati"

    I kept on hearing/reading news that some certain celebs are members of Illuminati. examples of them are Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and on some accounts, also Taylor Swift. I don't know if it's true or just a hoax. What do you think?
  18. eirine hatsumi

    Tarot cards

    thanks guys for voting! you can also support your vote :)
  19. eirine hatsumi

    Do you believe in past lives?

    ever wonder if past lives are true? have you ever had the feeling like "hey! i know this place like I've been here before!" or other events that you feel like it happened before but you can't remember?
  20. eirine hatsumi


    what do you think of zombies? do you think they're real and really exist? or just a product of movie writer's imagination?