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  1. eirine hatsumi

    Controlling dreams?

    woooh, the dream control thing is fascinating. I do have dreams wherein, somehow, I could control what will happen next. yep, sometimes the dreams are so real! do you also experience continuing dreams? for example, you're dreaming that you are in a party and in this party you saw a famous...
  2. eirine hatsumi

    Controlling dreams?

    when you are dreaming, do you remember controlling or dictating what will happen to it? how can I explain it, hmm, for example: You were being chased by monsters or a certain person or an unseen force. You're paranoid and ran wildly, looking for a way to be safe when suddenly, you've reached a...
  3. eirine hatsumi

    Goddess of monsters

    I'm not sure if you'll consider the Gorgons monsters, or the Harpies. Maybe Scylla and Charybdis?I heard that both Scylla and Charybdis were once goddesses and were turned into hideous monsters.
  4. eirine hatsumi

    What frightens you the most?

    Yes, it's "A Perfect Storm" and I think it gave me the fear of being on an open water alone. "Open Water" is an okay movie though, but "A Perfect Storm" is creepier! =shivers=
  5. eirine hatsumi

    What frightens you the most?

    ooooh luckily I haven't watched that documentary yet! I saw a movie once (but I forgot the title) about a group of fishermen in their fishing vessel stranded in the middle of nowhere (well, an ocean or sea) and there's a storm coming. I gasp in terror when I saw those huge waves engulfing them...
  6. eirine hatsumi

    What frightens you the most?

    hmm, I have LOTS of things to fear. But this is my ultimate fear: I'm afraid of being alone on a boat in the middle of an ocean!
  7. eirine hatsumi

    I never knew...

    oh, never heard that myth before :|
  8. eirine hatsumi

    Gods of dance

    Xochipilli was known as the Aztec god of games, beauty, dance, flowers, and song in Aztec mythology. ^^
  9. eirine hatsumi

    Hi from newfoundland!

    welcome to the forum! ^^
  10. eirine hatsumi

    Another one jumps in

    welcome to the forum! :)
  11. eirine hatsumi

    The darker side of greek myths

    yeah, poor Medusa. In either way, if she had prevented it maybe Poseidon will be the one to punish her (maybe he could turn her into a fish, or a sea weed, or anything), if she failed to protect herself against the advances of Poseidon, then Athena will punish her (which happens), so, still...
  12. eirine hatsumi

    The darker side of greek myths

    Just read this article from HuffingtonPost, about the darker side of Greek Myths. I thought that this is an interesting read, so I share it with you guys. The comments are as interesting as the post! ^^
  13. eirine hatsumi

    Help with choosing characters for a story!

    cool, I also have an on-going manga [manhwa (to be precise)], that focuses on myth, too. it seems like some of our idea are alike. :)
  14. eirine hatsumi

    Ruler after ragnarok?

    so it could be Balder or Höðr?
  15. eirine hatsumi

    Ruler after ragnarok?

    I just read it in Edith Hamilton's book, but it looks the same like that phrase above.
  16. eirine hatsumi

    Ruler after ragnarok?

    I just read that after Ragnarok, a ruler mightier than Odin will emerge and come. Do you have any idea on who this ruler/king is? Thanks to those who'll respond. :D
  17. eirine hatsumi


    LOL!!! this one makes me laugh so hard! :D
  18. eirine hatsumi

    Odin and frigg

    I never thought that way, hmmm now it gets more and more interesting! Regarding the Lokasenna, I've read that it happened during Odin's "long" absence that his two brothers took on his throne/seat, divide Odin's "property" (if that's the correct term) as well as Odin's wife, Frigg. But when...
  19. eirine hatsumi

    Odin and frigg

    hmmm, so maybe it means that the wedding of Frigg and Odin is some sort of like a contract? But even though Odin had mistresses Frigg just shrugged her shoulders, I mean, unlike Hera who turns her wrath to Zeus' lovers.
  20. eirine hatsumi

    What do you believe makes the world go round?

    I think a combination of two will make the world go round hehe, like one can't exist without the other lol