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    I've always wondered why there are so many myths and superstitions attached to this bird. I've looked online and found the well known 'one for sorrow, two for joy' song but the strangest thing I've heard is that if you see a magpie you must say 'hello' to it! Any clues as to where this...
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    It has always fascinated me the story behind the 'boy king' . One of the most repeated myths is that there was a tutankhamun relic on the titanic. Does anybody know of why this rumour started?
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    The nanteos cup

    According to a TV program shown on UK TV, you have all been looking in the wrong place for the Holy Grail, it's been over here in Wales all the time.
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    The real city of troy

    Apparently its located in Turkey at a place called Truva. Has anybody been and if so, what makes this place the most likely to be the definitive place?
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    Maeldun the voyager

    This was one of the first books I ever bought at school from the bookclub for (I think) the princely sum of 15 new pence! From what I can remember , it was a story of a man looking to avenge his father who goes on an almost Argonauts-like journey over land and sea. Anybody else remeber the story?