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    The brising necklace

    I remember hearing a little bit about the Brising necklace, in Norse mythology. From what I can recall, the story involved Freya and some dwarves. Does anyone know this story?
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    Time to bake

    Every year, as the holidays draw near, my aunt goes into crazy baking mode. It is like a switch flips inside her, and suddenly she must bake everything imaginable. I am not complaining, because I sure enjoy eating the treats! I just find it curious, and wondered if anyone else noticed this...
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    Sing a song of sixpense

    While I was reading about nursery rhymes on the internet, I found the actual meaning behind Sing a Song of Sixpence. It stated that the song actually had its origins with pirates. I thought it was interesting. I wonder what other nursery rhymes, had not so savory meanings. Here is the article on...
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    November 9th government eas test

    I read this on Snopes, and I guess it can not really be considered an Urban Legend, until after the 9th. Many emails are circulating, saying the government is doing an EAS test at 2pm on the (th of Novemember. This part is confirmed true, but some are saying the government is cutting all the...
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    Roman mythology in high school

    When you were in high school, did you go over Roman Mythology? How long did the lesson last, and do you think the teacher did a good job? I really feel ripped off, when it comes to what I learned in high school. I had been reading Roman mythology, since I was in third grade. Yes, I was an...
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    Business cards and kidnappings

    Has anyone ever heard of this Urban legend, of kidnapping via toxic chemicals in a business card? This sounds so silly, I can not even believe, someone would think it is real. Here is the story, from Snopes: "And Another Warning . . . Last Wednesday, Jaime Rodriguez's neighbor was at a gas...
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    Nbc show based on grimm's fairy tales

    Has anyone else, seen previews for the new show Grimm? It debuts October 28th, on NBC. It looks pretty interesting. The show follows this guy, who is a homicide detective. He finds out the stories he were told as a kid (Grimm's Fairy Tales), were not stories, but warnings. He also finds out, he...
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    Halloween marathons

    Halloween marathons, are my favorite way to spend October nights. Does anyone know of a good zombie, or vintage horror movie marathon? I have seen Freddie and Jason marathons, but I would love to catch some vintage horror movies on!
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    New series

    It seems like a bunch of interesting new shows are coming on, this season. There is a fairy tale show, but I forgot the name of it. There is also one, that I think, is called An American Haunting. What shows look interesting to you?
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    Friends enjoy mythology

    Do your friends like to discuss mythology and urban legends, with you, or do they roll their eyes, when you bring it up. Thankfully, I have friends who enjoy talking about weird things, and dont mind me talking about subjects I enjoy.
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    Fairy door

    Has anyone heard of fairy doors before? I can not recall the details, but I saw small altars to fairies one time. The altars were tiny doors, set into walls, at a persons home. People would leave small trinkets at the doors, for fairies. I just thought this was an interesting idea, and wanted to...
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    Ghosts and telephones

    I was reading a few accounts, on people who thought they were contacted by spirits via a telephone. Usually, the spirit was a relative of the person. I believe in a lot of strange things, but I do not know what to think of this. What do you think of ghostly phone calls?
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    Shows and scary dreams

    I love watching scary or weird shows. However, often I go to sleep and end up having a weird dream. Do you find this ever happening to you?
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    Pillsbury bullet

    It was a extremely hot day and this lady had just finished her grocery shopping. She puts her groceries in the backseat and gets into her car. Suddenly, she hears a loud bang and something hits her in the back of the head. She realizes she has been shot, an when she touches the back of her head...
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    Disney urban legends

    I know there has to be some Disney addicts out there. I want to know some of your best Disney urban legends. I have heard that no one can be declared dead on Disney grounds. Even if the death happens there, they hurriedly rush the person out, so the death declaration is off Disney property. I...
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    Fairy tale or myth show

    I just caught the end of a preview of a new show coming to ABC. It is called "Once Upon a Time". Anybody catch this preview? It looked pretty interesting but I could not tell exactly what the show was about.
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    Hi :)

    Hello to everyone in Myth-land. My name is Inertia, at least that is what I am going to go by. Can't go spilling out my real name in case there are creepers here. Lol. Anyway, I love storytelling, myths, scary tales, and old black and white photographs. I am hoping to learn some new stories from...