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    Urban myth board game

    Where did you find the Urban Myth Board Game? I do not think I have ever seen a game like this, and it does sound fun. I wonder what urban myths are on the cards?
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    Ring around the rosie. . .

    I have also heard that "Ring Around the Rosie", refers to the Bubonic plague. The symptoms of the plague, was a rosy red rash. People carried posies in their pockets, thinking the plague was deterred by sweet smells, and bodies of plague victims were cremated. If this rhyme does not refer to the...
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    If the greek gods lived in modern times...

    The show will probably just overlook the oath, that the gods made, because the writers will assume that most people do not know Greek mythology. Thanks, for sharing this interesting find.
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    The brising necklace

    I remember hearing a little bit about the Brising necklace, in Norse mythology. From what I can recall, the story involved Freya and some dwarves. Does anyone know this story?
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    Time to bake

    Every year, as the holidays draw near, my aunt goes into crazy baking mode. It is like a switch flips inside her, and suddenly she must bake everything imaginable. I am not complaining, because I sure enjoy eating the treats! I just find it curious, and wondered if anyone else noticed this...
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    Holiday traditions

    My favorite part, of the holiday season, are all the lights. It is nice, to see all the yard decorations, lighting the night time drives.
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    So sleepy

    This is strange, because I am going through the same thing. I just lay there forever, in that awake state. I have tried to drink sleepy time tea, and even count sheep. So far, nothing is working. Is anyone else having sleep problems? They say a full moon makes people act crazy, could the phases...
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    Great new show

    I have not watched Grimm, or Once Upon a Time. When I saw the previews for both shows, I had meant to DVR them, but never got around to it. I guess, I need to catch up on the shows with OnDemand, because everyone makes them sound so interesting.
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    Empty shelves

    A few months back, every time I went grocery shopping, the shelves were also empty. It is aggravating, but I am betting the stock trucks were just running behind. Has anyone heard of a possible food shortage, or something?
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    Snow white & the huntsman

    I vaguely recall seeing the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsmen, but I was not sure what it was really about. I probably will not rush to theatres, to see this movie, but I am sure I will get bored enough someday to watch it.
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    Sing a song of sixpense

    While I was reading about nursery rhymes on the internet, I found the actual meaning behind Sing a Song of Sixpence. It stated that the song actually had its origins with pirates. I thought it was interesting. I wonder what other nursery rhymes, had not so savory meanings. Here is the article on...
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    Is Glooskap, the same as Rumplestilskin? I have heard similar stories, but I can not remember them exactly. I always enjoyed the Rumplestilskin stories, too. Now, if only I could spin thread into gold, I would have it made!
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    November 9th government eas test

    I think I first heard about the test, from a commercial on television. Then I stumbled upon the urban legend part online. I am just wondering if this test is something new, the government has come up with, because we have never had a major test. My fear, was some terrorist would take this time...
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    November 9th government eas test

    I read this on Snopes, and I guess it can not really be considered an Urban Legend, until after the 9th. Many emails are circulating, saying the government is doing an EAS test at 2pm on the (th of Novemember. This part is confirmed true, but some are saying the government is cutting all the...
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    Satanic backmasking

    I have heard of playing songs backwards to hear messages, but how do you even play a song backwards, if it is not a record? I think I have heard about a Beatles song, you can play backwards, but it was not devil related, it was just a hidden message.
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    Sharks in the ohio river?

    I have not heard of sharks in the Ohio River, but I do not really live close to there. We had a shark wash up, from our local lake. Everyone was freaking out, at the possibility of sharks in the lake. I think , the news later reported, that someone just dumped the shark there. I wonder if they...
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    We put our christmas tree up...

    I like the idea of having a Christmas tree, year round. For spring, you could have flower and bird ornaments. Summer could be sun and beach ornaments, and for fall you can have leaves, and Halloween ornaments. There is just so much you can do, with a year round tree, especially if you are crafty!
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    Definitive or comprehensive grimm's?

    Thank you, I think I prefer a book with more pages, so I like your suggestions. I would rather read all of Grimm's Tales, instead of a few hand picked ones. Then you can better understand an author.
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    Tea drinkers?

    I enjoy tea, and try out different flavors, whenever I get a chance. I think my favorite would be peach green tea, and chai tea. I have been meaning to stop by my local Asian market, because there are loads of different teas there, I want to try.
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    "your boyfriend has been sleeping with a corpse. . ."

    This conversation, is all kinds of gross! I can not even imagine having my doctor tell me, I had maggots, instead of a yeast infection. I would probably vomit, then go home and stab my boyfriend, for being a sicko!