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  1. Libros

    First myth you remember hearing

    My father told me some of the legend of the Monkey King when I was five, I love it and read up on other myths. He always made me laugh at the part where Monkey pees on Buddha's hand.
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    "to the fairest..."

    All three at once could punish you anyway for refusing to judge. These are the Greek gods, a fickle lot. It's one thing to disagree with two of them, it's another to piss all three off.
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    I don't believe there are hard and fast rules for the order of carving images on poles, because it depends on the context of the pole itself. Poles may have political purposes, or they may be an announcement, or they can tell a story. The tallest pole in the world, at Alert Bay, has a large Sun...
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    "to the fairest..."

    Ultimate power, ultimate victory, ultimate beauty. All wonderful things that can quickly become addictions and corruption. There's a reason Eris tossed it, to establish chaos in a world of order. I found it disappointing that Athena, one of the wisest of the gods, would be so compelled by a...
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    Reviving myth as a religion today

    When I was a Neopagan I was a Hellenic Reconstructionist, dedicated to preserving the rituals and devotion to the Greek gods as historically accurately as possible. I also lived with two Celtic Reconstructionists, specifically of the Irish Celtic religion. Modern people reviving ancient...
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    The morrigan is confusing

    Is that Guan Yu behind her?
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    Do you believe in past lives?

    You can easily make yourself useful and commit your life to a purpose that's greater than you. That's all you need during your lifespan, but you create it by yourself, for yourself. It's not something you pick out of the air or that's spiritually bestowed upon you and revealed. What I don't...
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    Do you believe in past lives?

    Part of the reason I have trouble with reincarnation is that it's founded upon the notion that we have a reason to be here, that we have a purpose, and that lessons can only be learned across multiple lifetimes, not just in one. Do we need a reason to exist? Do we need a reason that our...
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    The morrigan is confusing

    Yes, the Morrigan is one of the most ambiguous characters in all European myth. She has very few consistencies across the Irish narrative body. We simply don't have enough agreeing evidence to make many universal statements about her. She's one of those figures whose identity has been extremely...
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    Myth of how salt came to be in the oceans

    Tell us the myth's details and we might help further. I know a Chinese morality myth involving two brothers and a magic stone grinder that produced whatever is wished until you said "Thank you" for it to stop. One of the brothers was humble and polite and so could control the grinder. The other...
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    Symbolism of the cross

    The classical Christian cross, based on the Roman torture device and known as the Latin cross, has its lower leg longer than the others. The equal-armed cross is a very basic shape and has been used in human culture for centuries before Christianity. Anything that can be divided into four...
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    When did Isis use her hair to restore Osiris? She cut off some of her hair in mourning, but her hair was not used to restore the pieces of his body or his ka. There's no evidence of her "commanding the weather by braiding or releasing her hair," and no Egyptian mythological principles influence...
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    The Titanic sank in 1912, which was more than 10 years before they found Tutankhamun's tomb. Just media hooplah linking curses to disasters.
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    Persian mythology

    Specifically Persian mythology, as opposed to Scythian and other cultural contexts, deals heavily with oppositional forces. It is grounded in what would become Zoroastrianism, so the world is a battleground between two opposing forces, but it was created by the good force. They had battled each...
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    The iliad or the odyssey?

    One is a war epic and the other is an adventure epic. I can't compare them, their flavours are different.
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    Will christianity become myth?

    I did not use the word myth to describe the stories of the Judeo-Christian religions. I specifically referred to a body of myths in non-canonical fictional literature created through the influence of the religious stories. The body of narratives or stories explicitly associated with living...
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    Will christianity become myth?

    I think we're all cordial enough people that we can discuss this topic without bashing or escalation. Regrettably jason doesn't seem to be active anymore so the forum can't be regulated. From a narrative perspective, much of the literature that has sprung up exterior to the books of the Bible...
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    Satanic backmasking

    This comes from an old folk belief that the Devil does everything backwards, and that the prayers in a Black Mass are the Lord's Prayer recited backwards. It's just symbolic corruption of the holy. So, to translate that into songs, naturally anything played backwards must have some eerie...
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    Difference between nations

    Some indigenous cultures have a shared trickster figure. To the Plains nations, it is Coyote, who may be male or female. In Pacific Canada, it's a male Raven. Here is a collection of Trickster tales as a graphic novel:
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    There's no surviving evidence of rites according to lunar phases for Selene, or Artemis, who later supplanted her. Whether they paid attention to full moon, crescents, or new, we'll never know. Statues of Selene have depicted her with crescents in her hair, but there's no indication whether...