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  1. LegendofJoe

    Finnish mythology

    Okay, we've all heard of Norse myths, but has anyone become acquainted with the myths of the Finns? It is totally wild; nothing like the Viking myths. I'm reading the Kalevala, the epic of Finland. It was compiled by Elias Lonnrot in the 1800's from country folk singers. It tells the story of...
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    Irritating commercials

    Would anybody like to share what they think are annoying or obnoxious commercials. Here's one: It is from Chase: a group of yuppy-looking people are having dinner. They are in a huge white featureless room, it looks like they are dining in heaven. When the check comes the leader pays with her...
  3. LegendofJoe

    A sick pet

    Has anybody out there spent a good deal of money trying to cure a beloved pet? My cat Damian, who I had for 9 years suddenly could not breath right. I took him to the emergency room and they ran some tests. It turns out he had fluid in his chest cavity and so his lungs could not expand. They...
  4. LegendofJoe

    Hittite/hurrian mythology

    I just finished a great book on a little known mythology: Hittite The Hittites lived in what is today modern Turkey. They had a great empire at around the time the Egyptians had theirs. Their civilization was not discovered until the 20th Century. Up until then they were only a shadowy people...
  5. LegendofJoe

    The origins of the "end times"

    I just finished a great book by Norman Cohn called Cosmos Chaos and the World to Come. In it he traces the concept of the End of the world to its roots. It turns out that in early Near Easterm religions, there was no notion of a final end time where there will be a great war between the forces...
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    Balor is slain by lugh

    This is a drawing I did of Lugh killing Balor. This is based on the myth of the evil giant Balor and how he heavily taxed the dwellers of Ireland. The gods of Ireland needed a savior. Along comes Lugh of the long hand. He was a powerful warrior and agreed to fight Balor in the next war between...
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    Serbian mythology

    I'm almost done reading a book on Serbian myths and legends. It is an area you do not hear much about. The pre-christian gods they worshipped are pretty much the same as in Russian myths. Perun was a god of thunder, who is replaced by the modern Elijah. Volos is a cattle god, and Daybog...
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    Hey! i did not see this before.

    Hello all. I studied biology in college and work as a lab tech., but I have been interested in mythology since grade school. Back in the eighties I came across a Time-Life series called The Enchanted World. It was a series of books that retold many myths from around the world. Vincent Price...