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    Chills and walking on "future" grave

    I know this is more superstition than urban legend but it must have come from somewhere right? We've often heard that when you feel chills randomly someone is walking over your future grave? Actually I don't even get the sense in that, though. What does that eve mean.
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    I'm all for animal welfare but I think PETA is just insane. Sorry if someone in this forum is one of their few millions of supporters but I read about their recent plan to launch a pornography website to promote animal rights. I feel like they are putting down human rights and dignity for the...
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    Rubber hair ties from china

    I received an e-mail from my friend about the rubber hair ties that can be bought from China. They're really cheap and they're just used to tie hair but someone decided to stretch it open and discovered it was actually a used Condom O_o How disturbing is that?? I wonder if it's true though or...
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    Tree mythology

    So when I was younger and still living in a province in the Philippines, there were stories about creatures living in trees, and I don't just mean squirrels and birds, but supernatural beings having their own little worlds inside trees, specifically banyan trees (locally known to us as balete...
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    Torchwood: miracle day

    I have finally managed to free up some time in my schedule to watch the finale of the season and wow! I don't know if i should love it or hate it. On one side the action and resolution was pretty cool but the build up to the "blessing" and what the blessing really was is a bit meh. It's...
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    Big brother

    Do you believe in those Big Brother concepts that someone is watching us (well except God :P) Like the government a la George Orwell's 1984? They say some secret society keeps tabs on us as well. Well at least I've been hearing a lot about that. What do you guys think? Creepy to think that...
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    Have you ever had your fortune read?

    Have you ever had your fortune read by a fortune teller/palm reader/tarot card reader/etc? How was it? Did it come true? How did it feel? I've always wanted to try it then I chicken out after haha.
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    So i've been told the world is going to end tomorrow...

    I find it somewhat hilarious that everyone's getting all worked up about tomorrow being the last day of the world that there are actually people professing their love to other people on my twitter dash. It's still not as over the top as the 2012 and the 2012-Japan earthquake speculations but I...
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    Friday the 13th

    In "celebration" of today, Friday the 13th, I was just wondering how it all started? I've known this since I was itty bitty and I have yet to understand its roots. It's hilarious too that everyone thinks it is bad luck when statistics show that the least accidents happen during Friday the 13th...
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    Has anyone here seen Insidious? It's pretty creepy and I think anyone on this thread would enjoy watching it. It took me two tries before I could watch it completely, or maybe I just scare easily. haha
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    I was hesitant to make a thread about this because they might be watching (hehehe), but what do you think about the Illuminati? There are several people claiming that they still exist and actually some celebrities are part of it. My friend and I were talking about this and he was telling me...
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    Dream interpretation

    How do people interpret dreams? I usually have really really weird but realistic dreams which freak me out sometimes. Other times my dreams come true and it really scares me. Are dream dictionaries reliable when it comes to these? Or are these like messages or omens?
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    Fake celebrity deaths

    Just a few days ago, RIP Jackie Chan was trending on twitter and people really thought he died. He isn't the first person to be rumored to be dead. How do these death rumors start really? I think they're horrible and just... wrong. Death is a serious thing so I don't know how people can start these.
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    Serial killers and prison escapees

    I don't know how many creepy urban legends I've heard about serial killers and prison escapees. One is the Didn't Turn Off the Lights story, the other which I found extremely scary when I first heard it was that about the prison escapee who had a hook? The one where a couple drives off to a...
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    Satanic backmasking

    What do you guys think about backmasking or playing songs backwards to get a message? Not just any kind of backmasking but the "satanic" kind where they say that musicians who are part of satanic cults would put those messages there to brainwash people through the subliminal message...
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    Orbs on photographs

    Have you guys heard about those orbs on photographs being "presences" of other unseen creatures, especially when there isn't really a reflective surface for the light to bounce off and create the illusion? So like the more orbs there are the more unseen presences there are around you?
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    Black cats: bad luck, good luck, or just cats?

    I've read a lot about black cats growing up because, well, I was really fascinated with the whole black cat thing. On one end, they say a black cat is bad luck because it is the pet of witches and sometimes some black cats are actually the witch... while on the other end they say black cats are...
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    Favorite urban legend show?

    I know there are several Urban legend shows out there, but the only one I really get to watch is Mythbusters. I think it's interesting to see how these shows can prove or disprove all the myths and urban legends spreading around. We used to have one as part of the local programming in the...
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    Third eye/sixth sense?

    Do you, or do you know anybody who claims to, have the "third eye"? I lived in a province in the Philippines and I had some friends claim that they had the third eye and that they would see ghosts and other creatures on a regular basis. I think would really freak me out if I saw something that...
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    Using popular music to teach history?

    Have you guys heard about the YouTube account made by some history teachers from Hawaii? They use popular music and rewrite the lyrics to narrate historical events. What do you guys think? They're very unconventional but I find them really amusing. My favorite one is the Black Death to the tune...