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    Egyptian mythology… today!

    O only One, You who were in the sky when there was no land and no mountains. You Shepherd Lord, One only, Maker of everything there is ! The striking passages (as they are called by W. Budge) which are cited below come from Egyptian texts and they consist just a sample of a collection of...
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    The “myth” of the soul concept.

    Soul is the incorporeal entity that leaves the body upon death continuing to live itself and should not be confused with the notions of “spirit,” “mind” or “vital spark.” Any living creature embodies the spark of life and its spirit is reflected in its eyes. “Spirit” and “vital spark,” although...
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    Great mother

    To me, the original “fund of mythological motifs” –as Campbell calls it- out of which every culture’s mythology sprang, is anchored in history. I have done some research and here are the results: Figurines of the Great Mother (or Mother Goddess) are known to have been produced as early as...