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  1. Caburus

    Money myths

    Ploutus is the Greek god of wealth, identified also as Pluto the God of the Underworld and hidden wealth within the ground. Charon, who ferried the dead across the river Styx, was paid by placing a coin in the dead person's mouth. Midas, King of Lydia, was granted by Dionysus the gift of turning...
  2. Caburus

    Labours of hercules

    In order to atone for killing his wife and children in a fit of madness, Hercules was commanded to serve King Eurytheus and perform ten labours for him. Two of these tasks were disqualified because Hercules had help in fulfilling them, so he therefore had to perform two more, which brought them...
  3. Caburus

    Hades, poseidon & zeus

    These three brothers worked together to overthrow their father Cronus, and the Titans, in order to reign themselves. They drew lots to apportion the world - Hades got the underworld, Poseidon got the oceans, and Zeus got Olympus and the heavens. The earth was left to be common ground for them...
  4. Caburus


    Why is the cockerel the symbol of France, and why is it the traditional shape of the weather vanes?
  5. Caburus

    Kings of lavinium & alba longa

    What's the archaeological evidence that these places existed in Italy before Rome?
  6. Caburus

    Refusing to worship

    I'm familiar with the Hebrew god of the Old Testament smiting down disbelievers and punishing those who didn't worship him properly, but I'm curious to know if this idea existed in other mythologies. In Greek myth, Lycurgus and Pentheus, on separate occasions, refused to worship Dionysus and...
  7. Caburus

    Baby bouys.

    Sargon in a basket, cast into the river by his mother. Grew up to be a great leader and law giver. Moses in a basket, cast into the river Nile by his mother. Grew up to be a great law giver and leader. Taliesan in a sack, cast into the Irish sea by his mother. Grew up to be a great and powerful...
  8. Caburus

    Christmas topper

    Those who do so, will be decorating a Christmas tree sometime soon. But what do you put on the top - a star, an angel, a fairy, nothing? One thing I'd like to know. Where does the fairy come from? I know the star and angel appear in the Nativity story, but when did the fairy come into it? Is...
  9. Caburus

    Egyptian god of the sea

    Who in Egyptian mythology would be closest to the Greek god Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes and horses?
  10. Caburus

    Family claim

    Claiming that your family descended from a great hero in Greek, Roman and other mythologies was a normal thing for rulers and leaders in times past. Are there any modern families that actively claim descent from mythological figures. I know some families descend from past families who promoted...
  11. Caburus

    Olympic ladies

    Artemis enjoyed the hunt, so she must have enjoyed chasing over hill and dale in persuit of game. Atalante was a proficient runner. Are there other female sportswomen in Greek myth? I'm excluding the Amazons, Athena or other martial ladies here, and just thinking of activities that might be...
  12. Caburus

    Ripheus the trojan

    He was killed in the siege of Troy. He was the most virtuous of the Trojans, yet the gods ignored that and allowed him to die. Is there anything else told about him. Medieaval poets took him to be a virtuous pagan, who had a right to be in their Christian Heaven. What was so virtuous about him?
  13. Caburus

    Geat. who was he?

    Anglo-Saxon histories trace the Saxon kings back to Wodan, who is today identified as the Aesir god Odin, but never actually called a god. Instead, Asser and Nennius list Wodan as a descendant of Geat/Iat (son of Tatwa), and call Geat either the son of a god, or was worshipped as a god himself...
  14. Caburus

    Aesop's fables

    Which one is your favourite? I like the one where the vixen mocks the lioness for only being able to bear one cub at a time. The lioness replies "Only one - but a lion."
  15. Caburus

    Brian, nephew of cadwalla

    Brian is a little known character in Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain. He is nephew to Cadwalla, who was the last great king of the Welsh, having defeated the Saxons and had a bronze statue erected of him on a horse in London. But Brian has an interesting story. Originally...
  16. Caburus

    Bears in celtic mythology

    Are there any stories of heros encountering bears in Irish/Welsh/Scottish mythology? Bears are said to have survived in these countries into historical times, they appear in Pictish carvings, and bears appear as titles or as comparison to a warrior's strength (Arthur and Math both have names...
  17. Caburus

    Dead wood growing

    In Greek myth, Heracles reputedly left his club resting against a shrine to Hermes, in Troezen, Greece, where it took root and grew into an olive tree. Pausanias says it was still there in the 2nd Century AD. In Christian myth, at Glastonbury, England, the staff of St. Benignus (d.c.468) took...
  18. Caburus

    Greek writing

    Was there a Greek God/Goddess of writing? The muses seem to come close, but I think they were more the inspiration for the writing, rather than the actual skill/knowledge itself.
  19. Caburus

    Gods of dance

    I'm looking for male deities of dance. . Shiva was the Lord of the Dance, that created, sustained and destroyed the universe, in Hindu myth. Bes was the dwarfish god of dance in Egyptian mythology. In Greek mythology Apollo was known as The Dancer, as was Pan, Dionysus and Ares. Hecaterus was...
  20. Caburus


    Foreseti is the son of Balder and Nanna. When his parents die, he becomes lord of Glitnir, the shining hall of justice among gods and men. What else is told about him? Why didn't he revenge his father's death, instead of Vali (who was born with that express purpose in mind)? What happens to him...