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  1. Caelus

    A writing community for greek mythology lovers

    Hi guys, I wanted to introduce you to my new project, it's a writing community, we call these types of sites play by posts, where you create a character and interact with other characters through writing together. It's pretty amazing stuff. Anyway, I've put together a small community based...
  2. Caelus

    Greek mythology fiction community

    I was thinking of starting a greek mythology writing group when I found one that was set up earlier this year. It looks fantastic, they seem to flabbing a little from lack of activity but I signed up yesterday and I'm positive I can help encourage others to write. Anyway if you're interested why...
  3. Caelus

    The telchines

    I've been researching them for a few days now and I have to say they seem like a fascinating if rarely described offshoot of the Chaos family. Born from Thalassa and Pontus (the most logical sourcing I've come across) these metallergical gods were master crafters and artisans, controlled the...
  4. Caelus

    Anyone able to recommend university classics course?

    I'm thinking about travelling to the USA in a few years to study again and I was wondering if anyone knew of any degrees over there for the Classics, worth looking into. I'd also be interested in online courses. Thanks
  5. Caelus

    How could gods of different cultures exist side by side - a debate

    I've been wondering on and off, naturally a purely theoretical debate, if all the gods of all the mythologies and religions existed at the same time, in the same reality and universe, on the same planet, how do you think that could work? Postulate away.
  6. Caelus


    Hello, I joined the forum yesterday. It seems to be one of the few forums for mythology out there that has an active userbase which is very surprising, it's great to join you guys and I hope I can provide enjoyable conversation and debate which contributing my own work. Such as the family tree I...
  7. Caelus

    A family tree of the greek/roman cosmos - wip (large images)

    I'm working on a fiction project that blends aspects of both Greek and Roman mythos, though it is bias towards the Greek aspects largely. Anyway I've been researching and building family trees for them all as I didn't have any luck finding a decent tree that covered ALL of Chaos's progeny, nor...