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  1. Arachne

    The manatee theory

    I've heard this given as the traditional explanation for the mermaid myth - manatees, first discovered by Spanish explorers in the New World. Manatees have front flippers that can vaguely resemble arms, and apparently nurse their young from their chest like a human, so they are equated with...
  2. Arachne

    Clown kidnappers

    I remember reading as a child about a rash of kidnappings, all of them apparently focusing on children, in which the kidnapper was dressed as a circus clown. He/she would snatch a playing child out of a backyard, and then carry them to a getaway van driven by another clown; nothing has ever...
  3. Arachne


    Has anybody on this forum seen one? I did see a weird green light in the sky once when I was about 12, but I'm sure there was some boring explanation for it :(
  4. Arachne

    Monsters in your area?

    What are some beasts, cryptids, aliens, etc. that are rumored to live in or pass through your area? These can include deliberate folklore or entities that are supposed to be real. My entire state is a bigfoot hotspot, to my knowledge we don't have any lake/river monsters however. Recently a...
  5. Arachne

    I'm back :d

    Sorry I was gone for a while, but I should be able to start posting again more often :) How's everybody been?
  6. Arachne

    Germanic mythology

    German tribes fought against the Roman Empire, and eventually they turned many of its provinces into the countries of medieval Europe. Not very much is known about them except for what the Romans wrote, and the Romans seemed to think they were hairy savages, barely even humans. What do we know...
  7. Arachne

    The wandering jew

    This is a legend that originated some time in the Middle Ages, but has sporadically continued up to at least the 20th Century. Supposedly, as Jesus Christ was being whipped and abused as he was led out of the city, a particularly cruel man in the crowd spit on him, or punched him the face, or...
  8. Arachne

    How did you pick your avatar?

    I found this pic somewhere random on the internet and thought she was pretty, so I used it. I'm actually about to look for a similar picture to use instead that's a little bit smaller, since parts of it get cut off in my posts :( How about you?
  9. Arachne

    Is nessie a squid?

    The Loch Ness Monster is usually thought to be a plesiosaurus, but I have read another theory - perhaps it is a species of huge squid? Apparently some squids have an appendage that looks a lot like a head on a top of a long neck.
  10. Arachne

    Spitting on a broom

    So the other day I was at a restaurant. One employee was sweeping the floor and she brushed another girl's foot with her broom. The other girl insisted on spitting on the broom, saying it would be bad luck if she didn't! Does anybody know where this superstition comes from, or what inspired it?
  11. Arachne

    So tell us a bit about yourself...

    I just thought I'd start a thread where we can describe our interests/hobbies, how we came to be interested in mythology, or whatever else we'd like to share. I guess I'll start: I'm almost 21 and have a diverse heritage, though I'm proud to claim Native Hawai'i as part of that heritage! I...
  12. Arachne

    The birth of fijian cannibalism?

    Cannibalism is one of many "darker" topics in history I'm really interested in. Hopefully it will be ok if I start threads about it sometimes since it is often entwined with mythology:cool: I remember reading this story when I was a child, but I haven't been able to find it since. I'd like to...
  13. Arachne


    Does anybody else take cryptozoology seriously? This is the study of animals that aren't officially proven to exist, the abominable snowman, bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.. being famous examples. Personally I'm a firm believer in many of these animals.
  14. Arachne

    What inspired you to pick your username?

    I am fascinated by spiders (I'm weird I know) so Arachne sounded good:) How about you?
  15. Arachne

    Hello from a newbie:)

    My name's Arachne, and I've been looking for a forum to discussion mythology, urban legends, etc. Looks like a good place so I signed up. Don't know what else to say for my intro post so I hope that works lol:D