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    Ragnarök is a good resource..
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    Kvasir was made out of the combined spit of the Aesir and Vanir when they made peace after the first war in the world. It probably had something to do with fermenting stuff with spit. It would then be a very communal thing to do and denote a sense of togetherness in peace..He did end up as...
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    Human sacrifice

    We sacrificed folks for several reasons. When we went to war we hurled a spear at the enemy and dedicated them to Odin. When it was over we hung the rest to him and took all of war-booty and mangled it useless and gave it to him as well. The Heruli when approaching old age would have someone...
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    Sif and thor

    Some see in Thor and Sif a fertility myth. Sif's hair representing the unharvested fields and her having it cut off them being harvested. And, it is a belief that without the thunderstorms heralding in the growing season there would be no growth..
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    There are a few misunderstandings regarding Ragnarok because most folks take only Snorri's version into account. It does not find validation in the Elder Edda. The three roots of Yggdrasil are in the Under World ruled by Hel, who is not Loki's daughter but the Norn known as Urd. Lif and...
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    Heilsa, I'm Lyfing, the Gothi of The Einherjar Hearth of Northeastern Alabama. Later, -Lyfing