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  1. Arachne

    Favorite invention?

    Computers for me!
  2. Arachne

    The manatee theory

    I've heard this given as the traditional explanation for the mermaid myth - manatees, first discovered by Spanish explorers in the New World. Manatees have front flippers that can vaguely resemble arms, and apparently nurse their young from their chest like a human, so they are equated with...
  3. Arachne

    Any local treasure legends?

    Where I grew up there was a sunken ship that was still visible above the water, local stories said it was a pirate ship that probably had gold or artifacts in it. Whether there's any truth to that at all I don't know.
  4. Arachne

    The encantado

    There is a very similar creature in Japanese mythology called a kappa, except that it is not an attractive creature. It uses magic to lure its victims, preferably maidens, who are taken into the water where it drowns and/or devours them. It is also a sub-human, elf-like being.
  5. Arachne

    Women in history

    Britain has given us lots of strong women to look up to - Boudica, Elizabeth I, "Bloody" Mary, and Victoria. Wasn't there also a pirate queen in Ireland? Grace O'Malley or O'Neill I think.
  6. Arachne

    Difference between nations

    It seems talking/sentient animals are a very common theme in Native myths. That may seem like a silly observation to make, but talking animals seem to be much rarer in most other continents' traditions.
  7. Arachne

    Scariest character

    The minotaur terrifies me, the half-god, half-bull that was imprisoned in the labrinyth and fed an annual sacrifice of seven youths and seven maidens from Athens. In my imagination it is a particularly chilling and disgusting idea.
  8. Arachne

    Egg whites and burns

    I don't have an aloe plant but that's the cure I've always heard recommended, never heard about the egg whites. Thanks for the warning!
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    I've read a theory that the myth of vampires was inspired by cases of people being buried alive, a tragically common happening in pre-modern Christian and Muslim countries (as both of these religions generally bury rather than burn their dead). A person who was buried while unconscious would...
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    Hi :)

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    Dragons, good or evil?

    Dragons play many roles in many mythical traditions. In Europe they are generally associated with evil or with the devil, and are depicted as being greedy and destructive and prone to eating humans. While in China and Japan they are considered wise and good luck, and a symbol of the divine.
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    Welcome to the forum Zamiel :)
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    Was odin a shaman?

    I'm thinking that the Picts/Scots had a special order distinct from the druids though, who persisted into Christian times. I'll have to research it tonight :)
  14. Arachne

    Clown kidnappers

    I presume we are thinking of the same incident. If so that puts my mind at ease; I was surprised that an incident as dramatic as this (if it actually happened) would be so obscure.
  15. Arachne

    Was odin a shaman?

    People who can communicate with nature appear in Celtic mythology. Ones who specialized in communicating with horses were called horse-whisperers.
  16. Arachne

    Clown kidnappers

    I remember reading as a child about a rash of kidnappings, all of them apparently focusing on children, in which the kidnapper was dressed as a circus clown. He/she would snatch a playing child out of a backyard, and then carry them to a getaway van driven by another clown; nothing has ever...
  17. Arachne

    Was odin a shaman?

    How exactly do we define a shaman?
  18. Arachne

    Gladiators versus apache warriors

    Apaches. Gladiators were basically sports-players. Apaches were hardened warriors, plus they were mounted so they could escape if things didn't go well for them.
  19. Arachne

    Hiv + pepsi

    I never drink that horrible stuff anyways so I have nothing to worry about :)
  20. Arachne

    Ant killers

    Honestly unless its biting me I don't kill insects/similar beings even in the house. I wouldn't dream of killing one outside.