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  1. Chintai

    Travel plans?

    It's that time of year when the post xmas lull makes me start thinking about travelling. I would love to visit India, though I think it would be a better trip when you have a month or more to see as much as possible.
  2. Chintai

    Top urban legends to emerge in 2010

    As we begin the new year it seems fitting to consider the hoax stories which may well become the urban legends of the future. I think the various Facebook 'status updates' are a good contender. Here's a site with some more ideas.
  3. Chintai

    Norse history and runes

    Does anyone here read Nordic rune stones? I think they are really fascinating and if you would like to read more about how the writings of the Eddas influenced this development check this site out.
  4. Chintai

    Pictures from roman mythology

    If you're an accomplished or budding artist you may enjoy these lovely sketches from Roman mythology. I especially like the one depicting Narcissus and will be using it for inspiration sometime soon.
  5. Chintai

    History for kids

    I think this site from BBC Wales is great to get kids interested in mythological history from that part of the world. They have links to stories (audio) and games as well.
  6. Chintai

    Celts and oral history

    My friend and I disagree about the amount of trust we can out into Celtic myths. She thinks that because of their preference for oral history as a way of passing on information that it is inevitably corrupted in the telling. I, on the other hand, believe that most history is subject to this...
  7. Chintai

    Movies and mythology

    I enjoyed reading this article about various movies which are based on mythological history and figures. I can't say I agree with everything written but a lot of it rings true.
  8. Chintai

    Roman mythology and astrology

    I strongly believe in horoscopes, (the proper kind rather than what is written in the local newspaper.) Considering that most of the planets were named after Roman Gods some people think that astrology is too male orientated. If you are interested in a feminine version check out this link.
  9. Chintai

    Curious facts

    I love this collection of strange stories from Norse mythology. It's a little difficult to find a context for them in the modern world but nevertheless they are charmingly gruesome and bizarre.
  10. Chintai

    Fan death

    I lived in South Korea for some time and was amazed by the strong belief in 'fan death'. Even doctors are known to promote the idea that sleeping with a fan on requires a window to be open...or else! (Of course many people ignore this advice but it doesn't stop others believing!)