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  1. Setharoth

    Not owning the land and living as one with the land

    I know that there were many Native American tribes that didn't consider themselves to own the land they lived on. I've always felt that this helped the Europeans push them off their lands as they didn't have that possessiveness that comes from owning. The concepts of not owning the land and...
  2. Setharoth

    Celtic myths come from more countries than i realized

    As I delve into the history of Celtic mythology, I was surprised to learn that this area covers more than just Irish folklore. I always thought it just referred to the Irish but I read that the legends also include tales from Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and Brittany.
  3. Setharoth

    If you could speak to any famous person, living or dead....

    Who would it be and what would you say? Most people have a question they want answered. I find it very interesting to hear what others say to this one and it often reveals a lot about a person's thought processes.
  4. Setharoth

    Nora roberts and celtic mythology...

    I am a fan of Nora Roberts and read her novels avidly, both as herself and in her pen name, J.D. Robb. I especially love any of her novels that deal with a mythological theme and she tends to use the Celtic mythology the most. I don't know much about Celtic mythology and I'm wondering how...
  5. Setharoth


    People scoff at the idea of Sasquatch (also known as Bigfoot or Yeti) but if there wasn't a seed of truth to the legend, why would we find such a creature referred to in Native American mythology as well as several others throughout the world? I don't spend my life searching for proof but I do...