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  1. Chablis

    First myth you remember hearing

    What is the first myth that you remember hearing either as a young child or maybe in school? The one I remember being told most clearly was the myth of Achilles and his heel.
  2. Chablis


    Does anyone else enjoy using the website to check out the origins of urban legends and to see if they are true or not? I think it's interesting to see where they all come from.
  3. Chablis

    Movies with a mythological theme

    Do you like movies with a mythological theme? I have always enjoyed movies with a mythological theme. One of my favorites has always been Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor.
  4. Chablis

    Recommend a book

    I have a niece who loves mythology. I would like to get her an age appropriate (10) book with myths and really good illustrations. Does anyone know of one?
  5. Chablis

    Besides mythology

    Besides mythology what other subjects of interest do you like to pursue? I really enjoy history. I love learning about how civilizations used to work and about how people survived.