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  1. Jonny Capps

    What is your favorite tale from Greek Mythology?

    Deucalion or Noah?
  2. Jonny Capps

    NASA Sees the 'Dark Side' of the Sun

    Finally, something exciting happening on Super Bowl Sunday!
  3. Jonny Capps


    He was an illegitimate son of Zeus as well.
  4. Jonny Capps

    Roman Myths suitable forkids

    If you're interested in myth-related material, check out Rick Riordan's stuff: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. They're fun, kid-friendly books that are based on mythological creatures. Actually, even being an adult, I kind of dig them.
  5. Jonny Capps

    Curious facts

    Re: The gods once chose a god to take Odin's place. I love that the gods had an election! I wonder if that's where we got democracy from?
  6. Jonny Capps

    Disney's hercules: how many inaccuracies can you find?

    Hercules never rose Pegasus. It's Disney. I mean, they made the twelve-year old Pocahontas into a hot early-twenties woman. You can't really expect them to be true to the source.
  7. Jonny Capps

    What is your favorite tale from Greek Mythology?

    P Polyphemus was Odysseus' conflict, man. It's cool, though. Theseus was still a pretty kickass dude.
  8. Jonny Capps

    Which greek god do you resemble?

    Sweet, I got Morpheus! ::Cue "Enter Sandman"::
  9. Jonny Capps

    How did you find us?

    I was guided here by the god Hermes. Okay, Facebook . . .
  10. Jonny Capps


    True, but Perseus also took care of Medusa for us, and he got to ride Pegasus. That kind of earns him some stripes in my book.
  11. Jonny Capps


    Sweet!! The only things that we have in my area are poltergeist and a few past serial killers. Let me see if I can get my team set up.
  12. Jonny Capps

    What is your favorite tale from Greek Mythology?

    I think that my favorite is likely the one involving Jason, heir to the throne of Iolkus. His quest for the golden fleece is intense and fascinating. It's also amazing how many great heroes were amongst the Argonauts! They had such amazing adventures together!
  13. Jonny Capps

    What is your favorite tale from Greek Mythology?

    Popping out of Zeus' forehead, in a full suit of armor? Very epic!
  14. Jonny Capps


    Hey, if someone wants to start a werewolf hunt, count me in! I'll start investing in silver bullets now.
  15. Jonny Capps

    Titan Punishments?

    Thank you! I knew that there was another reason that Zeus was mad at Prometheus.
  16. Jonny Capps

    Multiples of three...

    I was only saying that Christianity was not brought to Europe in force until well after Revelation was written, around the time of Constantine. It was free from Celtic influence.
  17. Jonny Capps

    Multiples of three...

    Why would you say that? It's completely false! The word for God that was used in the scriptures is a-sexual, denoting no gender. I know many Christians who refer to God in both feminine and masculine tenses, since She has both within Her nature. The only reason that God has taken on a more...
  18. Jonny Capps

    Christianity belongs here

    Christianity isn't considered to be mythology, since it is still actively followed and believed by over 45% of the world's population, a larger percentage than any other organized religion. To be relegated to "myth" status, the tale has to have been dismissed as ancient folklore, based on...
  19. Jonny Capps

    Multiples of three...

    Three is the perfect number, with a beginning, middle, and end of all equal value. Out of all the numbers, there is no other number holding this same property, unless it is dividable by three, and even those can be reduced down to three. Still, three stands alone, as prime. It feels right...